Counterintuity is an Award-Winning, Full-Service, Creative Marketing and Strategy Firm in Los Angeles.

Since 2007, Counterintuity has brought its propulsive marketing approach to hundreds of clients in almost every conceivable industry throughout California and beyond.

While a lot of what we do is digital—websites, SEO, SEM, digital advertising, market strategy, email marketing and more—our expertise extends to traditional marketing, advertising and design.

Why do we offer a full range of services? Because our clients need us to. For many of them, we’re their completely outsourced marketing department, responsible for all of their marketing and design needs.

Whether we’re doing a one-time project with you or a monthly retainer, we treat you, your time, and your money with respect.

That’s because even while winning awards and scooping up accolades, our focus remains utterly on your success.

Our Approach

1. Listen to you carefully.
2. Ask good questions.
3. Brainstorm.
4. Collaborate and generate.
5. Seek approvals.
6. Launch.
7. Monitor and adjust.
8. Celebrate success.
9. Repeat.