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Counterintuity w3 awards Pasadena Symphony

Counterintuity Wins a W3 Award for Pasadena Symphony & POPS

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It’s nice to be recognized.

That’s why we’re feeling pretty proud of our 2018 W3 Awards Silver for the Pasadena Symphony & POPS website under the category Website Features – Visual Appeal – Utility.

With sold-out POPS shows in the Los Angeles Arboretum and critically acclaimed concerts in the Ambassador Auditorium, tickets for the Pasadena Symphony are in high demand. The previous website (which we also designed) made ticket selling easy; this completely new website made use of next-gen HTML5 capability to further brand the Symphony’s two recognized brand ambassadors by making them “pop out” via a 3D effect. As always, our goal was to improve the customer experience – and also brand awareness and ROI for the client.

We’re sure you’ve heard us mention the W3 Awards before – we’ve had the privilege of winning a few of its prestigious awards – but we can’t stress enough how great this organization is. The W3 Awards honors excellence by sifting through the digital world for the best websites, apps, social content, web marketing and video created by marketing firms of all sizes.

We’d like to thank this program for seeing something special in our website design – and congratulate the Pasadena Symphony on an award-winning website!

In the market for a digital upgrade? We’re happy to work our magic on your website, too. Contact us today.


Counterintuity dominates the 12th Annual W3 Awards winning 3 awards!

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It’s that time of year again. Nope, not a mega-Black Friday bonanza – the W3 Awards! For 12 years, this prestigious contest has been honoring the best marketing on the web and the agencies behind it – whether that means a boutique firm in Burbank or a Fortune 500 powerhouse.

Needless to say, competition is fierce.

“The creativity and quality of this season’s entries raised the bar once again,” says Derek Howard, the director of the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA). “As our connected world continues to expand in new and exciting ways, our winners are a true testament to the power of Web creativity across the world.” After receiving more than 5,000 entries, AIVA judges deemed Counterintuity’s work worthy of the following wins:

Silver for Consumer Goods, Casoro Jewelry Safes


Silver for Tourism, San Mateo County/Silicon Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau


Silver for Computer/IT, Imanami



A big thanks to the W3 judges, and three cheers for the team and clients that made these awards possible! Remember – if you like what you see, we’re only one click away.

Counterintuity Wins Two W3 Awards

Counterintuity Wins Two W3 Awards (A.K.A. W3 x 2)

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Getting back to work after a long weekend can be rough, but we find that remembering all we’ve accomplished can really take the edge off.

So what’s keeping our heads up on this mid-November Monday?

The fact that Counterintuity won two more W3 Awards!

In its 11th year, the W³ Awards received more than 5,000 entries from ad agencies, public relations firms, interactive agencies, in-house creative professionals, web designers, graphic designers and web enthusiasts.

The W³ Awards honors creative excellence on the web and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award-winning sites, videos and marketing programs. Simply put, the W³ is the first major web competition to be accessible to the biggest agencies, the smallest firms, and everyone in between. Small firms are as likely to win as Fortune 500 companies and international agencies.

That’s why we’re extra proud of these awards:


VEDC Entrepreneur Center

Media: General Website
Category: Charitable Organizations / Non-Profit

Counterintuity Wins Two W3 Awards (A.K.A. W3 x 2)


The Acres

Media: General Website
Category: Sports

Counterintuity Wins Two W3 Awards (A.K.A. W3 x 2)


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Client Feature: Pasadena Symphony “Beethoven Emperor” wins Award of Distinction for Integrated Campaign

Client Feature: Pasadena Symphony “Beethoven Emperor” wins Award of Distinction for Integrated Campaign

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We’ve been the marketing and design firm for Pasadena Symphony and Pops (POPS) for six years.

Throughout that time, our number one goal has been to communicate the symphony experience to the audience – through print and digital – and we believe the achievement of that goal is evident in our Award of Distinction for an Integrated Campaign – Business to Consumer.

Beethoven’s “Emperor” concerto is powerful, and we wanted our project to entice audiences with the same emotions evoked by the POPS orchestra. Our designer, Jin, juxtaposed stronger fonts with warm colors and photo filters to conjure the luxurious, compelling concert experience.

It worked: all the shows were sold out, and we won this great award to boot.


Client Feature: PBS SoCal Award of Distinction for annual report

Client Feature: PBS SoCal Award of Distinction for annual report

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Client Feature: PBS SoCal Award of Distinction for annual report

Another annual report, another Communicator Award!

This time, Counterintuity won an Award of Distinction – Association for PBS SoCal, the KOCE-TV Foundation’s primary PBS member television station serving Los Angeles.

While creating this annual report, we strove for a reinvigorated but recognizable representation of PBS’s established branding. We accomplished this by choosing clean, distinct colors – just bold enough, but not too loud. The client was delighted, and we’re thrilled to congratulate them on an exceptional piece of work.

See it for yourself here!

Client Feature: VEDC wins award of distinction for annual report brochure

Client Feature: VEDC wins award of distinction for annual report brochure

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Client Feature: VEDC wins award of distinction for annual report brochure

Annual reports are sometimes dismissed as something you only look at if you have to. Does it have to be this way? Not when Counterintuity’s on your team! For us (and VEDC), an annual report means another Communicator Award – specifically, an Award of Distinction for an Annual Report in the Non-Profit category.

Our goal with this project was to graphically convey the client’s mission: to provide funding solutions for small business owners. We focused on the people VEDC helps by spotlighting them and their businesses in the report, adding a human element to which readers could relate.

In terms of design, VEDC didn’t want to come across as a traditional financial institution. They market to all types of businesses and hoped to express that versatility with a more urban, hipster vibe. Through our use of vibrant colors, we achieved the modern look they envisioned.

“Working with Counterintuity on this project was a pleasure,” stated Lisa Winkle, VEDC Director of Marketing & Communications. “Their attention to detail, creative design and original concept made the annual report experience seem effortless. I look forward to working with them on many more.”

Client Feature: VEDC Entrepreneur Center Award of Excellence

Client Feature: VEDC Entrepreneur Center Award of Excellence

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We’re pleased to announce that the VEDC Entrepreneur Center, a recent addition to the C! client roster, has already gotten two award-winning projects out of Counterintuity’s handiwork.

“While The Entrepreneur Center is owned by a national non-profit, VEDC, it is in essence a new business,” says Warren Cooley, managing director of the Center. “It’s a 13,800 square foot building, located on a major thoroughfare, Van Nuys Boulevard, in an underserved part of the City of Los Angeles (Northeast San Fernando Valley), offering a range of programs and co-working space for businesses – all of this by design! Critical to the Center’s success, however, will be electronic media, with the primary platform being an interactive website. Thanks to Counterintuity, we have a first-rate website and social media tools.”

Mr. Cooley wasn’t the only one impressed by our site – the Communicator Awards granted it an Award of Excellence for a Website in the Charitable Organizations / Non-Profit category.

What helped us to get this website just right? A tour of the client’s beautiful building! Built in Pacoima only one year ago, the Entrepreneur Center’s bright colors and distinctive look made an impression before we even walked through the door.

“The initial inspiration for our design work was the architecture of the building,” says our designer, Val. “We took a tour and then I did a little more research and found the architect who designed the building. He described their inspiration of a famous artist and then we designed the website to show that off. The website was a representation of the building – bold colors, very minimalist – and that was the inspiration for the architect and the artist who inspired him. Their building was like a piece of art, so we replicated that.”

We stuck to that same theme when creating the Entrepreneur Center’s logo. “The logo is a reflection of the building,” says Val. “The building looks like an icon, and it’s also functional for what they do – they’re a co-working space – so we thought it could be used as a symbol.”

The Entrepreneur Center focuses on providing small businesses with the knowledge, capital and workspace they need to achieve big success, and we consider it an honor to create marketing materials that reflect this great organization’s merit.

Client feature: The Acres’ website wins 2016 Communicator Award of Excellence

Client feature: The Acres’ website wins 2016 Communicator Award of Excellence

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This November, we launched a newly redesigned website for The Acres, a state-of-the-art dressage training facility. We thought the final product looked fantastic – and the Communicator Awards agreed! Our responsive website won the 2016 Communicator Award for Websites in the Sports Category.

According to their site, “The Award of Excellence, our highest honor, is given to those entrants whose ability to communicate positions them as the best in the field.” With more than 6,000 entries this year, we’re pretty pleased to have made it to the top.

So what set The Acres apart from the rest? We believe it was the approach of our designer, Val, who used a video from the client as the basis for a dynamic home page. “I got inspired by what I saw in the video. The video was so elegantly done that it represented who they are, and that’s what a website is supposed to do.”

The Acres’ ranch manager, Amy Ebeling, was quite pleased with the outcome.

“Counterintuity took my outdated website and with the use of imagination, beautiful photography/video, and smart streamlining information, turned it into a beautiful website that everyone loves and admires. I was very detailed and insisted on including a huge amount of information about our business, our team, and also our farm in the scope of the project. More than just the template, I wanted a feel that emulates our everyday lifestyle at The Acres, so that someone looking at the website can feel the level of passion we have for our work. Amy Kramer and her team were able to capture and display the information, but more importantly convey the feel and love we have for our sport, our horses, and the people with which we surround ourselves. I could not be happier with the result; it is a testament to Counterintuity’s hard work and professionalism.”

We’d like to thank the Communicator Awards for recognizing the talents of the Counterintuity team members who made this award possible.

This isn’t the only Award of Excellence we snagged this year – stay tuned for our next client feature.