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WhatsApp: Making Privacy a Priority

WhatsApp: Making Privacy a Priority

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WhatsApp’s latest update will ensure that both texts and voice calls sent via the popular messenger app are fully encrypted. Meaning, WhatsApp employees can’t snoop into your private data (even if they want to) – and neither can the government. This has roused some controversy, but we’re in support of the change. Why?

  • It makes apps trustworthy again. If you were one of the people who read Snapchat’s now-infamous privacy update and promptly deleted your account, you’re not alone. We often download third-party apps assuming our privacy will be somewhat compromised. It’s refreshing to have evidence to the contrary.
  • It sets a positive precedent – as does Apple’s recent battle against the FBI. It’s comforting to know that big corporations will stick to their guns when faced with legal trouble and keep private information private. Hopefully, it will inspire smaller startups to do the same and make way for a more secure app-centric world. 
  • It establishes the user as a primary concern. WhatsApp provides a unique platform for communication. By encrypting all exchanges, WhatsApp guarantees its users’ messages and calls reach the intended audience – and that’s it. That’s what their app offers, and that’s what users signed up for.

Our bottom line? The customer comes first. If we set out to provide a service, we’ll do just that. We won’t take liberties with your time, information or intentions. So while you’re waiting for WhatsApp to update, make your marketing a priority – shoot us an email!

Image by Sam Azgor is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

April Fools' Rules

April Fools’ Rules

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Honesty is the best policy…but April 1st provides us with a lighthearted break from that adage. For reasons we’re not totally clear on, the first of the fourth month of the year is a day for pranks – and as well as keeping us on our toes, this day of deception can teach us some valuable lessons worth applying to our work lives throughout the year.

  • Don’t fear fun.
    You don’t want to be the guy who can’t take a joke – you also don’t want to join the 68 percent of Americans who are unhappy at work. It is possible to take your job seriously and enjoy life all at the once. Maybe don’t spray champagne all over the office – but why not whistle while you work?
  • Learn from mistakes.
    Remember last April Fools’, when you concocted that ill-received story about hitting a dog with your car? That’s the end of that tale (no “dog has tail” pun intended). Same goes for bad calls in business. Making the same mistake twice is silliness you simply don’t have time for, not even on a silly day like today.
  • Check your facts.
    Before making assumptions, ensure your information is correct. It’s embarrassing to be the one person who falls for your 60-year-old aunt’s pregnancy announcement, and the stakes are only higher in a business setting. If you want your coworkers to respect you, don’t make statements you can’t support or promises you can’t keep.

And watch your backs today, friends – you never know when the next Taco Liberty Bell is coming your way!


Image by Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

How to Handle Rejection

How to Handle Rejection

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In work and life, you will undoubtedly experience the occasional rejection. Sometimes a client won’t like your proposal – sometimes a love interest won’t like your proposal, either. And while we can’t tell you what to do when your girlfriend throws your stuff out her apartment window, we can tell you how to proceed when a business deal goes downhill.

  • Keep your cool. Don’t freak out, lash out, or storm out. It’s not the end of the world. Refrain from taking a professional refusal personally, and you just might make a positive impression post-rejection.
  • Ask them what they didn’t like. Provided they’re willing to provide you this information, it can be beneficial to ask your denier where it all went wrong. You can use this information to improve upon your approach next time, or perhaps even to change their minds this time.
  • Ask yourself what you didn’t like. Reflect on the experience – what do you think you could’ve done better? Chances are, you already know which areas of your approach could use improvement.
  • Record the rejection. No, we don’t suggest breaking out a video camera as a transaction breaks down. We do suggest keeping a list of your rejections and writing down key details for future reference.

In an ideal world, you’d have no use for the above advice. Let Counterintuity handle your marketing for less distress and far more “Yes!”

Caring for Customers in 2016

Caring for Customers in 2016

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Some say the customer is always right. We say the customer is always important – and if 2016 is going to show us anything, it’ll be a shift toward an even more customer-centric marketing world. Here’s how…

  • Apps. We’re all aware that there’s an app for pretty much everything – there’s even an app for tracking your apps – and the great thing is, many of them are free. As a marketer, be sure to take advantage of apps that can help you manage your business and improve your customer’s experience.
  • Social media. A quick peek at your customers’ social media activity can provide great insight into what will hold their interest. From their location to their job title, a great deal of useful information is often available even on a public profile.
  • Interaction. Today’s consumers are used to a high level of personalization, and one might argue that privacy concerns have them hoping for less, not more – but that doesn’t mean they want boring, static content, either. 2016 will see many marketers venturing into games, calculators and other interactive content to increase engagement.

Need help keeping up with your customers? Let Counterintuity come to the rescue! Contact us today.

Image by Dariusz Sankowski is licensed under CC0 Public Domain.

Agility in Marketing

Agility in Marketing

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If you’ve been tuned into marketing news lately, you’ve probably heard mention of “agile” marketing.

The main purpose of agile marketing is to streamline the creative processes at an agency so that projects don’t drag on indefinitely (as they tend to do), and allow team members the flexibility to quickly readjust in light of directional changes. Breaking each individual project into sections (called “stories”) adds structure while freeing big companies from being bogged down by outdated procedure and protocol, and allows them to move more swiftly and efficiently.

Implementing the agile strategy has helped many marketing companies thus far, and we’re sure it will help a great many more as it grows in popularity. As for us? We’ve got a slight advantage already – we’re a small company, which makes it possible for our entire team to be on the same page pretty much all the time. Need something done right away? We’re on it. Want a last-minute design change? We’ll run it over to our in-house graphic designers.

We also treat your business like business. Yes, the creative process is important – but so is your time and money.

At Counterintuity, we know how to strike that balance. And we’re pretty light on our feet, too!

Let's Be Honest: Forays into False Advertising

Let’s Be Honest: Forays into False Advertising

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Yesterday we came across an interesting article at TheGuardian.com: “How my negative review of Legend was spun into movie marketing gold.” The author describes how his two-star review of the recent Tom Hardy film was actually incorporated into a poster for the movie, in which designers craftily positioned his rating amongst other five-star reviews to make it appear positive. He then goes on to reference several other instances in which clever (and not-so-clever, and just plain dishonest) marketing ploys have made a product seem better than it is.

In the face of such blatant instances of marketer manipulation, we at Counterintuity had to stop and examine our company. Marketing is a business that often gets a bad rap. Many people see it as a venue through which already powerful companies and corporations vie for the biggest audience, the most acclaim, the highest ROI – no matter what the cost.

We asked ourselves – are we that guy? Could we ever deceive a consumer for the gain of our client or our company?

The answer is no. Why? Because of our clients. By choosing to work only with brands, companies and people we truly believe in, we spare ourselves from the ethically murky marketing waters and are free to do what we do best: making your awesome product seem awesome.

So here’s to all our clients – and here’s to you becoming one of them.


Struggle Of The Seasoned Marketer

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Today’s fast-paced, technologically advanced world can make even the savviest 25-year-old feel inadequate. So what if you’re about twice that age and feeling about half as savvy? Fear not! There’s no need to let your birthday get the best of you. A couple tips for succeeding as a seasoned marketer in a youth-driven market:

  • Ask for help! Whether it’s requesting your teenaged daughter help you with your Instagram profile (she’ll roll her eyes, but will likely oblige) or observing how the new intern does it, you can learn a lot from the younger people around you who have come of age in this crazy-connected world.
  • Get involved. That new app everyone has been talking about? Try it out! Most are free or cheap and very user-friendly. The more time you spend with technology, the less intimidating it will become.
  • Don’t be discouraged. Remember that everyone is exploring a new technological frontier every day, and half the time they’re just as lost as you are.

If the struggle is all too much, we do like to think of ourselves as experts on the digital world: shoot us an email and let us give you a hand.

Image by Blake Patterson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


Seal It With a Smiley Face

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The smiley face: bet you’ve never given this little guy much thought. So you may be surprised to hear that a recent study by the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory showed a simple smiley face has the power to positively influence your social media presence and alter a reader’s perception of you. Here’s why you might want to give the emoticon a space in your daily discourse:

  • Scientists have determined that looking at a smiley face activates the same parts of our brain as looking at an actual smiling face. It’s an easy way to add a human element to your email. Interestingly, this only occurs when the colon is put first; parentheses first doesn’t have the same effect.
  • Emoticons suggest a friendlier, more competent person is behind them. Not only can emoticons increase the likelihood that your reader will like you, but they can help the reader more easily remember what you’ve said.
  • There is a strong link between emoticon use and user influence on social media. The more powerful the user, the more likely they are to use emoticons in their online communications.

Are emoticons okay to use in your work emails? That’s a judgment call. But research shows that the writer’s credibility isn’t affected by the use of emoticons. So if something makes you smile, don’t be afraid to show it!

Image by PublicDomainPictures is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal.