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Eon Instrumentation’s New Website is Eons Ahead of the Curve

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From the moment you load Eon Instrumentation’s homepage, you’ll know what they’re about. Eon Instrumentation, Inc. is a veteran-owned, Southern California-based, multimillion-dollar electronic systems design, development, and manufacturing company that produces military-qualified products for airborne, ship, and ground vehicle platforms. They’ve been around for 57 years; it’s safe to say they know their stuff, and in 2019 it’s important their website convey that – a company’s only as good as its search ranking, after all.

When we made a deal with Eon, we promised to give them a modern website that was on par with the cutting-edge products and services they provide. With our superstar account manager Andrew Benton heading the project, our top goals were making the site user-friendly, up-to-date and mobile-optimized, and encouraging customers to reach out to the company for more information. We accomplished them by clearly organizing Eon’s extensive catalog of products, describing the company’s capabilities and product applications, and keeping customers informed about recent news and upcoming events. Large, dynamic images draw viewers into each page, and many more lead the eye down. The Contact page includes a form, important corporate emails, and the location and phone number for each of Eon’s offices – one in Van Nuys, the other in Oceanside.

And that’s just the stuff you can see.

We also conducted extensive keyword research plus a competitor analysis, keyword implementation, internal/external optimization to strengthen Eon’s SEO. We created a 50+ page WordPress site map. We spent hours copywriting. We designed an email newsletter based off of the new website.

After all this, we can confidently say we ended up with something pretty excellent. Congratulations on your new site, Eon! May it better your business for years to come.


Annual Report for the Coalition for Responsible Community Development

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When the Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) requested an annual report, we felt an emotion that most might not: excitement. We actually love annual reports. Creating these informative documents presents a fantastic opportunity for our client to reflect on their company and a chance for our designers to showcase their serious skills.

The CRCD is a youth-focused, neighborhood-based program designed to better address the needs of low-income, working-class residents and small businesses in South Los Angeles. To put it simply, our friends at CRCD run an important, inspiring organization – and they deserved an annual report to match.

Our focus was on telling the CRCD’s story, illustrating its achievements, and sharing testimonials from people involved with and affected by its extensive community contributions. We knew images would be key to our vision, so we immediately scheduled a photo shoot. We included these photographs along with engaging infographics, which enhanced our bold design based off their colorful logo and vibrant branding.

There are so many fascinating aspects to the CRCD’s operation, and this project allowed us a deeper understanding of our client. We went through numerous revisions – tweaking text, trying different page layouts, adding new information – until the client had something that truly represented their business.

Want your next annual report to be something special? Make our day; shoot us a message and check out our portfolio of Print & Digital Design Work here.

Burbank Plastic Surgery

Digital Augmentation: Creating the Burbank Plastic Surgery Website

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Previously, this client’s services were nested inside another website operated at the same facility, leading to customer confusion and a reduced brand awareness. Meanwhile, the lead plastic surgeon is highly recognized locally, and repeatedly awarded “Best of Burbank” awards in local voting.

Our goal was to communicate what makes them special — from copy to design — to show the impact that world-class plastic surgery could make, and to focus attention on the immediate calls-to-action. The site features a profile on the “Best Of Burbank” Award-winning head surgeon and before-and-after surgery photos (utilizing an innovative web-slider) throughout.

In creating the new Burbank Plastic Surgery website, we have allowed both of the client’s businesses to have their own keyword-optimized, emotionally-on-point presences that speak to each entity’s ideal customer.

Can your website use a facelift? Counterintuity can help.

Hilton Universal Project: 15 Stories, 365 Rooms & 1 Sleek Website

Hilton Universal Project: 15 Stories, 365 Rooms & 1 Sleek Website

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If you’ve been to Universal City, you’ve seen the Hilton Universal – and so have lots of other people. With the Los Angeles tourism industry booming and the popularity of Hilton Universal’s surroundings, the 24-story, 495-room hotel effectively operates at capacity throughout the year.

That’s why Hilton has decided an expansion is in order. An expansion including 15 stories, 365 rooms, a penthouse restaurant, luxury spa, a fitness center, and a business/community meeting space. They needed a great platform to share their great plans, and that’s where Counterintuity came in with a sleek new website.


Design a simple, sophisticated website to keep the public updated on the Hilton Universal Project’s progress.


  •  A responsive WordPress website that’ll look gorgeous on mobile or desktop.
  • An eye-catching image gallery that demonstrates the aesthetic value of the project.
  • A Project page outlining the scope of the project.
  • A FAQ page addressing visitor’s questions, concerns and details.

We’re confident this site will help Hilton Universal make this exciting expansion project a reality – and we’d love to help you, too! Contact us today for your free consultation.

R.S. Miles Steel’s New Site is a Spotlight-Stealer

R.S. Miles Steel Website: Old Heritage Meets New Technology

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R.S. Miles & Son Corp. has been a full-service steel supplier since 1954, utilizing the latest technology in precision cutting to provide customers with top-notch materials. So it only makes sense for their website to be cutting-edge too, right? That’s what we set out to achieve when tackling this recent redesign.

  • Our team wanted to create an “old heritage meets new technology” feel that honored R.S. Miles’ long history, which is why we chose a traditional serif typeface.
  • On the home page, sparks (literally) fly in dynamic slider images as the visitor reads about R.S. Miles’ specialties – expert cutting and precise Blanchard grinding, to name a couple.
  • A clear navigation bar ensures customers can click right to the information they require.
  • Snappy copy keeps comprehensive subject matter interesting. “We’re tough enough to cut steel, but we’re easy to work with.”
  • The “Capabilities” section (complete with photos) details past projects and demonstrates client range – R.S. Miles steel works just about anywhere, from military vehicles to amusement parks.
  • Contact forms are readily available throughout the website, so there’s nothing holding visitors back from reaching out.

Like what you see? Need a new site of your own? Our contact forms are readily available, too – click here to find out what we can do for you!

Upgrade Alert: Glendale Education Foundation’s New Site is Outta Sight

Upgrade Alert: Glendale Education Foundation’s New Site is Outta Sight

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We love helping local organizations help people. That’s why we were super excited that the Glendale Education Foundation (GEF) wanted their new site to be Counterintuity-crafted!

Since 2005, this exemplary organization has raised more than $3 million in funds for Glendale public school programs in the arts, sciences, athletics, and nutrition – programs that would otherwise be cut due to lack of state and national funding. We truly believe in this cause, and knew GEF’s site had to reflect the great work behind it.

So what’d we do?

  • Highlighted vibrant pictures of students benefiting from the activities and programs GEF supports.
  • Used crisp copywriting to clearly describe GEF’s goals, programs and events.
  • Focused on SEO optimization so that search engines will put GEF at the top of the list – and they’ll get the audience they deserve.
  • Ensured easy navigation. Headers are clear and concise, so visitors will never get frustrated and leave before getting the information they need.
  • Took a responsive approach. Visitors can see the site in all its properly-formatted glory from any device – which is pretty important, given the Search Engine Land fact that more than half of searches are done on a mobile phone.
  • Made donating painless by delineating the details and streamlining the process. GEF needs to raise at least $350,000 per year to keep existing programs going for future students. Want to help? Now it’s easier than ever to give back.

Think your site could benefit from an education in optimization? Contact us today.

Foundation for New American Musicals Gets a Site Upgrade!

Foundation for New American Musicals Gets a Site Upgrade

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A good musical is hard to resist; nothing compares to the perfect balance of singing, dancing and dazzling storytelling. So when the Foundation for New American Musicals (FNAM) came to us for a website transformation, we knew we had to convey the same power, panache and possibilities that are borne of a new work of musical theatre.

FNAM is a 10-year-old nonprofit dedicated to educating the next generation of composers, librettists and lyricists for the musical stage. Its current and past students have developed work seen throughout Los Angeles, New York and the world over. This site needed to speak to a wide range of visitors: high school and college students, educators, stage and screen entertainment industry professionals and innovators, musical consumers such as showcase event audiences, and current and potential sponsors and the media.

How’d we make that happen?

By hitting the following objectives:

  • Build a site that is intuitive to navigate and mobile friendly
  • Drive higher ticket sales to FNAM performances and new major events
  • Reflect the energy around the resurgence of the musical
  • Portray the storyline between the initiatives and how they work together to form a continuing pathway for creators of new musicals
  • Offer applications for contests and showcase events to new talent
  • Option to purchase tickets and attend events for musical theater fans
  • Persuading funding/media prospects that 1) The art form is important, and 2) FNAM is celebrating and bringing new works and creators to the forefront.

Complete with a responsive WordPress website and updated copy for the homepage, we delivered results that we’re confident will serve FNAM well – and keep the musical business booming, too!

7 Holiday Gift Ideas from C! Clients – Just in Time for #ShopSmall Day on 11/25

5 Gift Ideas from C! Clients, Just in Time for the Holidays

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If you’re a good little elf, you’ve already started a list of holiday gift ideas for yourself, your loved ones and/or people you feel obligated to give stuff to – and you’ve probably already gotten stumped, too. But don’t fret! We’ve got plenty of suggestions, and they come with a bonus: they’re all from our clients and will help you find the perfect gift in time for the holidays.

  • Ideal Pet Doors
    This is perfect for the animal lover in your life (or just for your animal). Ideal Pet’s products have been around for nearly 40 years, so you know they’re good – plus, we just supplied their site with an e-commerce store, meaning you can get their doors delivered right to yours with the click of a button!
  • Pasadena Symphony & POPS Tickets
    Music fans, gather ’round! The Pasadena Symphony & POPS has a bevy of awesome concerts to choose from. Snag a couple tickets and swap material goods for a memorable experience.
  • Golden State Gymnastics Lessons
    Shopping for the kid who has everything? Get ‘em gymnastics lessons! Peruse their class and camp options online for a fun, healthy alternative to Yet Another Toy.
  • Community Foundation of the Verdugos Donation
    Everyone has that friend who says they “really don’t want anything,” but we’ve got an offer they can’t refuse: the gift of giving! Community Foundation of the Verdugos has a number of donation options, from Arts & Culture to Children & Youth.
  • Skin Matrx Gift Certificate
    The winter months can wreak havoc on your skin, which is why there’s no better time for a spa day! Treat yourself (or a friend) to this Burbank-based beauty shop’s body treatments, light rejuvenation therapy, or a special holiday Arctic Cranberry Facial!

What’s your all-time favorite present? Tell us about it in the comments below – and hit us up if you need a hand with gift wrapping. Or marketing. We’re pretty good at both.