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Counterintuity | More than 30% of ALL businesses advertise on Facebook

More than 30% of ALL businesses advertise on Facebook

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If you’re not advertising on Facebook, you’re losing out.

Facebook has more users than China has residents, and that number includes your customers.

According to a recent article on the Denver Business Journal, “About a third of small businesses are starting to use Facebook advertising to promote their businesses.”

Facebook advertising is not some “trendy” tool that coffee shops with $7 lattes and funky e-commerce retailers use as a way to sell to millennials – in fact it hasn’t been anything close to that for a very long time. It’s the go-to tool for news and all things current for many, many people.

This data was collected from a survey SurePayroll conducted of small business owners nationwide. It continued with the observation that “about a quarter are advertising on Google, and roughly between 1 percent and 10 percent are putting dollars toward LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.”

Page likes matter, here’s why.

We disagree with one of the findings here, namely that on Facebook, “Page likes don’t matter.” The justification for that statement is quoting statistics that reveal that only 3-4% of the users who “Like” your page will see your organic content and that only 3-4% of those who see your content will actually engage with it.

While that may be true for the entire universe of content on Facebook, that isn’t at all true for relevant, well-designed and well-written content such as what someone well-versed with social media might create for your business (and hopefully that person is you!). The pages that we manage have 3-10x the interactivity that this article outlines, and we would expect the same to be true for any Facebook pages that are, well, treated appropriately. So while spending money on “Likes” in a vacuum is a bad idea, so is doing any single small, isolated marketing thing and expecting it to move mountains.

In addition, having more “Likes” can help with your Facebook advertising plans, as you can target just those users with sponsored content (that you will know they’re inherently interested in). By utilizing that tool, the number of your “Likes” who see your content can move from 3-4% to 20-50%, or more.

Facebook posts and Facebook advertising are at their most effective when they are a part of a marketing plan and not simply expected to perform on their own.

The Power of #: Using Hashtags to Heighten Marketing

The Power of #: Using Hashtags to Heighten Marketing

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Once upon a time (aka 2006), using “#” in a sentence meant that you either (1) neglected to check it for typos or (2) were referencing the number of typos you made in the aforementioned sentence.

Flash forward ten years, and hashtags have become a truly unavoidable aspect of life. They’re everywhere: in movie titles, on magazine covers, sprinkled into casual conversation (#seriously). Twitter was the first platform to hyperlink hashtags to search results, and that practice has since infiltrated the digital marketing world. Of the world’s top Interbrand 100 brands, 97 percent had embraced the hashtag by 2015.

As a small business owner, it’s unlikely you have the cash to fund a massive marketing campaign. Hashtags are free, fun, and a truly valuable method of connecting people with your brand. Case in point: Tweets with one or two hashtags show 21 percent higher engagement than those with none.

  • Come up with a unique hashtag and ask your employees/clients/friends/family to use it whenever they mention your company on social media.
  • Hashtags enable users to categorize an often overwhelming amount of content. Use the same hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to identify and organize posts about your company retreat, conference or other special event.
  • Ride the wave of an already-trending hashtag. Check Twitter for a popular tag that relates either directly or abstractly to your business and join the party! But be careful to research the context first – you don’t want to follow in DiGiorno’s footsteps.
  • Make your hashtag actionable. Audi’s wildly successful #WantAnR8 campaign encouraged car enthusiasts to use the hashtag for a chance to get behind the wheel of an R8. Even if you don’t have a $160,000 sports car to use as bait (which, unfortunately, most of us do not), you can still offer your customers incentive to use your hashtag.

Still want help nailing modern usage of the symbol formerly known as “pound sign”? #CallCounterintuity!

Death by...Selfie?

Death by…Selfie?

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It’s been a good year so far, y’all. Mad Max: Fury Road happened to our ears and eyeballs, Jon Hamm finally won an Emmy for Mad Men, and selfies have caused more deaths than sharks.

Seriously, guys, people are dying in the name of selfies. Healthy, mentally stable human beings are actually risking their lives for photographs.

Of themselves.

According to Mashable, this is a thing that has happened 12 times throughout the course of 2015. Meanwhile, sharks have mainly kept to themselves, only killing 8 people – presumably because sharks aren’t interested in snacking on life forms that will end it all for a perfect shot with the Taj Majal.

It’s gotten to the point where countries are actually releasing official pamphlets preaching selfie safety for the benefit of their tourists, which really isn’t a bad idea.

Perhaps a few ground rules would keep everyone safer, such as:

  • When arranging a #safariselfie with an adorable fluffy lion, keep in mind that said lion may be hungry. And may also be a lion. And headless selfies are kind of gross.
  • When tackling an edgy take of your time at an overly photographed landmark, stay away from the edge of the ground on which you are standing. Like, say, the Eiffel Tower. Stay away from the edge of the Eiffel Tower. It’s really high up, guys.
  • When undertaking the super cool underwater selfie, be sure to check for sharks. Because in light of this recent finding, nothing would be more tragically ironic than being killed by a shark while attempting a selfie with a shark.

Snap responsibly, kids.

Image from Wikimedia Commons is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


Remarketing Done Right

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Recently, Pedialyte shifted their target market from kids to their parents. Why? Because it turns out their product, as well as being a cure-all for sick little ones, is also often used by adults with hangovers. In fact, adult usage has increased by 57 percent since 2012 [Neilsen].

So, equipped with that information and a new #seethelyte campaign, they successfully remarketed their product to not only a very different market, but for a very different purpose.

In this lies a great lesson. If your marketing strategy is tired or your product needs a refresh, it isn’t time to give up – it’s time to reinvent. Sometimes even the best of us get stuck in a rut. It’s never too late to change your strategy and try something new. We happen to be experts in fresh marketing – contact us today!