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11 ways to make your website stand out

11 ways to make your website stand out

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The internet is a big place. Accordingly, you don’t want people playing “Where’s Waldo?” with your website. Here are 11 ways to help your website stand out from the crowd.

  1. Give people something extra. In exchange for their email signup, give them a downloadable how-to, some free research, or a coupon code.
  2. Update frequently. And show them where the updates are, with a news scroll, or blog preview, or even a popup.
  3. Focus your visitors’ eyes on one thing. Remember, you can’t focus on multiple things – that’s the opposite of “focus.” So point people to the key thing you want them to do, and make sure it also benefits them.
  4. Make it fun. Graphically, and with words.
  5. Make it searchable. Because we’re busy, and we expect everything now. If you’ve got a lot of content, no one is going to hunt around in your site, so help them find it.
  6. Add a blog. Certainly you know things. Share them. Become a recognized expert.
  7. Update it at least 11 times a month. (And triple your traffic.)
  8. Make sure it’s mobile friendly! More than 70% of all visits to the internet are via mobile. Run this; if you failed the test, you’d better address this quickly, because it’s already dampening your traffic.
  9. Use video! Research shows that video will keep people on a web page an average of 50% longer – and the longer they stay there, the more likely they are to get involved.
  10. Think “headlines and graphics.” Because that’s what people will see, that’s what you should spotlight. Supporting text is just there for support. (And for SEO.)
  11. Be you. Whether “you” is just you, or an entire team at your company, no one else can be you, so you should be good at it. Make the site sound like you, look like you, and make sure it reflects your values. Because just as there’s someone for everyone, there are people searching for a company like yours. Make sure it’s you they find.



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6 Ways you can use Vine to market your business

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What’s Vine? Vine is the latest social video mobile app, developed by Twitter and launched in January, that enables its users to create and post very short video clips. There are tons of social video apps, so why does Vine stand out? Much like Twitter, Vine struck gold because of its uber simple concept.

You shoot six-second videos that loop directly from your smartphone, post them with a caption (hashtags included, of course!) and share from mobile—done. Now some tips on how to use this shiny new app for your business.

1. Create an ad
Take advantage of Vine’s low-cost functionality and produce a couple mini-advertisements. Showcase a product, share your URL, go nuts. Check out a sample Vine here.

2. Give a tour
Offer up a behind-the-scenes look of your office space. Check out a sample Vine here.

3. Introduce your staff
Put a face to the name behind all those emails. Silly music optional.

4. Include a call to action
WWhether you’re promoting an online-only offer or asking a question—don’t forget the CTA.

5. Host a contest
Why not host a contest via Vine? Use a Vine to announce the contest, ask for Vine entries and track participation by using a custom hashtag, i.e. #CiChallenge

6. Get creative
Last but not least, have some fun with it. Browse Vine and get a feel for how other users are making the most of those six seconds. The more creative, the better! Check out
a sample Vine here.

Need help with social media? Email us so we can help.

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Tech Tips: How To Destroy Your Old Hard Drive

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Counterintuity presents the first in a series of Tech Tips! Ever wonder how to destroy your old hard drive? Watch our video & find out! Many thanks to our lovely Marketing Assistant, Jaclyn Barrett, for starring in our silent movie about tech. Go figure.

Please leave any and all feedback in the comments. Subscribe to our channel, like and share the video! Stay tuned for more “how-to” videos coming to you from digital marketing firm, Counterintuity.

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We’re on the awards path!

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Counterintuity is proud to have added to our expanding trophy case with three new awards from W3, honoring creative excellence on the web, and recognizing the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, marketing programs, and video work created for the web.

Less than 10% of all W3 entries (3,000 in all) were selected as Gold Winners, and we are thrilled to announce our website for Bragg Crane took home the gold in the construction category.

In determining winners, entries are judged based on a standard of excellence as determined by the IAVA, according to the category entered. To uphold a high standard of excellence, a category may have multiple winners, or may have no winners at all. Entries are scored on a ten point scale by the judges. Outstanding entries are are awarded Silver Winners, and we’re happy to claim two of these: Bragg Crane website for Visual Appeal, and our political satire video “Where Will You Go?” created for a 2010 state ballot initiative.

“This year’s W3 Winners demonstrate the out-of-the box thinking and creative execution that exemplifies what the Web is all about” said Linda Day, the Executive Director of the IAVA. “On behalf of the entire Academy, congratulations to this year’s W3 Award entrants and winners for their dedication to pushing the limits and finding new ways to raise the bar in Web Creativity.”