It’s Safe to Say: Casoro’s New Site is Stunning

It's Safe to Say: Casoro's New Site is Stunning

Casoro Jewelry Safes has been a leader in luxury safes for years – and we’re pleased to announce that their new website reflects that more than ever!

Our goal was to establish that Casoro’s high-end jewelry safes are the ideal addition to an opulent lifestyle, and our first priority with this project was showcasing their superior product. We accomplished this by adding a photo gallery exhibiting their wide variety of custom safe options, complete with specifications and dimensions.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 3.35.10 PM

Each product page includes a Design-A-Safe form that allows visitors to craft their perfect product, from the exterior color to the number of drawers, and to establish contact with Casoro by requesting a quote.

We maintained a visual focus with elegant slider images on every page, and included a section dedicated to their White Glove Service, which a recent study affirmed was a leading reason customers chose Casoro.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 3.51.16 PM

Need a redesign? Give us a shout. Your site is safe with us!

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  • King says:

    Der Begriff “Grenznutzen” gefällt mir in diesem Zusammenhang, auch wenn er kein theologischer Begriff ist…Mit BILD (bewußt) einlassen, um den “Nutzen” zu maximieren, sollte man sich aber nur, wenn man auch über die Grenzkosten nachdenkt. Denn irgendwo gibt es ja auch für Dich, Ralf, und für “anonym” eine Grenze: Wenn ein reratscadikhles, ein linksradikales oder ein Pornoblatt eine Volksbibel rausbringt, um sich ein Feigenblatt anlegen zu können – wie weit würden wir da gehen?

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