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Big impact on a changing world

Counterintuity + USC Spatial Sciences Institute

The Institute’s revolutionary approach to addressing world problems needed a vehicle that could reach the right audience. Recognizing that the needs of the Institute and its audience would evolve, we implemented a flexible, ongoing social media plan, carefully tailored to engage its tech-savvy, environmentally conscious prospects.

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Social posts Counterintuity created for the USC Spatial Sciences Institute
The award-winning website home page Counterintuity created for the Global Organ Donor Education Network

Every click can save a life

Counterintuity + Global Organ Donor Education Network

Our team’s lifesaving (and award-winning) work turned organ donation advocacy and education into action. We worked closely with the GODEN team to ensure that our strategy aligned with their mission and goals. Then our team employed the power of compassion to inspire thousands of life-saving clicks.

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The secret behind successful nonprofit annual reports

Counterintuity + Coalition for Responsible Community Development

Our creative team transformed CRCD’s annual report into a storybook of the year’s journey, weaving threads of progress, challenges, and triumphs into a single powerful message that motivated stakeholders to engage and contribute.

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An annual report Counterintuity created for the Coalition for Responsible Community Development
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