AI Policy

Our AI Principles

  1. We believe that AI has a place in the responsible design, development, deployment and operation of marketing and communications systems.
  2. However, we believe that people come first: that AI exists to assist and not to lead. Because of that, we will always work to inspire and educate our creative team to rely primarily on their own creativity.
  3. We believe that humans remain accountable and responsible for all decisions and actions, even when assisted by AI.
  4. Because we are aware of the power of language, images and videos to educate, influence, and affect change, we commit to never knowingly use generative AI technology to deceive. Whenever we use AI, we will ask how its particular use fits within our ethical framework.
  5. We adhere to data privacy laws, work to mitigate privacy risks for consumers, and follow our moral compass when legal precedent lags behind AI innovation.
  6. We partner solely with organizations and people whom we believe to share these principles.

How We Use AI Today

While we are constantly experimenting with AI technologies to drive efficiency and performance across business functions, our primary use is in the generative AI space for marketing (specifically content creation).

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