2016: The Year of Better Email Marketing

2016: The Year of Better Email Marketing

Did you know that the right email marketing strategy can increase your return on investment by 4300 percent? Sounds like a crazy number, but that’s the average return for US brands and businesses. Here’s how to make this lucrative channel work for you!

  • Slay that subject line. As in, kill it. Make it unforgettable and impossible to ignore. Keep it clear and catchy (and keep in mind that a standard cell phone will cut you off after 20-40 characters). Think about how many marketing emails float through your inbox every day, and think about how many of them you never open because the subject line doesn’t interest you. Don’t feel bad for judging an email by its intro – we all do it. Just make sure that your title stands out.
  • Fit the mobile mold. As of 2014, 66 percent of emails were being opened on mobile devices. That’s a percentage that will only increase, and it’s crucial to optimize your emails for this medium. Keep image file sizes down, stick to responsive templates, and steer clear of long-winded paragraphs. Even if your subject line is great, a lagging load time will certainly dissuade consumers from reading on.
  • Make it personal. The last thing your reader wants is to feel like another faceless victim of another marketing gimmick. They want to feel like a person, which means you need to avoid speaking like a robot. Give your marketing email a voice, and craft that voice to appeal to the specific demographic for which it’s intended.

We get it – you’ve got a lot on your plate this year, and it’s tough to juggle all those goals at once. Let us help. Contact Counterintuity today!

Image by Joe the Goat Farmer is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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