3 strategies your business needs for social media

3 strategies your business needs to succeed on social media

Social media is a hot topic of conversation, but sometimes you have to wonder, “What’s the business value of social media?”

According to a recent report, while only 14% of social media users trust ads, 73% of them trust peer recommendations. Social media is just that—a dialogue between you (aka your business), your customer base, and other peers. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus offer your business a unique opportunity to converse and build genuine, one-on-one relationships with consumers of all types.

To see the best results, however, you’ll need a social media marketing strategy to keep this dialogue effective and ROI-oriented. Here are 3 strategies that will help.

1. Interact with your followers
Initiate and extend the conversation past a comment or page like. Send a private message to a new fan, expressing thanks for the follow, or respond to a status post comment with an open-ended, topic-based statement.

2. Share valuable content
In today’s tech-savvy world, consumers can find anything they’re looking for online—so it’s better if they find it through you. Embrace the value of content sharing and post the fan-favorite cupcake recipe or offer tips to better maintaining your car’s transmission. Your followers will appreciate this and remember you for it.

3. Create contests
Who doesn’t love to win a free prize? Creating a fun, simple and unique contest that offers your followers a desirable giveaway can spike your page’s engagement. It can also motivate your fans to spread the word about your business to their friends. If you’re new on social media, keep the prize product or service-related to teach people about what you do.

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