6 reasons why email marketing isn’t dead (and why you still need it)

If you’ve heard that “email marketing is dead” or that “newsletters are over,” it just isn’t so.

There’s a common misconception that social media killed traditional forms of digital marketing such as email blasts, and we’re here to lay this myth to rest. It’s essential to combine your social efforts with continued email marketing. Email marketing helps you:

1. Capture your audience

It’s important to cover your bases. Some of your followers are keen on social media, but others skew toward communication delivered directly to their inbox. If you skip out on the conventional channels you may also be skipping out on those conventional followers.

2. Convert your prospects

Every email blast is a new opportunity to convert readers from curious prospects to happy customers. Position yourself as a reliable source in your field and be sure to highlight the services that you provide in an approachable but authoritative manner.

3. Stay relevant

When someone subscribes to your newsletter or purchases a service from you, it’s important to create a lasting relationship. Email marketing is a great way to stay relevant even after the initial transaction is over and done with. Your newsletter is a monthly reminder about who you are and what you do.

4. Give people what they want

The average Internet user subscribes to 11.8 brands via email. Studies show that email remains the preferred method of commercial communication by 74% of all online adults.

5. Keep clients involved

A unique benefit of email marketing is that newsletter subscribers tend to be committed. They subscribed because they’re interested in your content. Capitalize on that.

6. Hit your target

Email marketing can be targeted, tracked and customized as specifically as you wish. You can personalize offers to nearby customers or offer certain perks only to certain clients. The possibilities are endless.

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