AI Can’t Write

Robot trying to write with a pen

AI could never…

My journey as a writer is like a rollercoaster. In high school, I thrived in regular English courses but was told I wasn’t smart enough to make it in the honors courses. I failed an essay I spent hours on, but on the ACT, I earned a perfect score on the writing section.

During college, I got a B.A. i communication and a master’s in legal studies — two writing-heavy course loads – discovered my writing still needed improvement, wrote an article that gave me five seconds of very niche fame, wrote more articles, and then found myself writing for a small nonprofit where my newsletters seemed to be coveted.

Now, I am the Associate Content Writer at Counterintuity, where I write daily. Through each piece I write — emails, blogs, newsletters, social posts, and everything and anything that requires words — I am constantly learning and growing my craft.

AI could never.

AI could never grow in such a human craft as I or anyone else has. AI doesn’t understand the humbling feeling of tanking an essay or the proud moment of writing something powerful. And though AI has learning capabilities, it cannot see and navigate through the nuances of the very human art.

I’m now seeing AI-powered marketing services advertised as comparable to a human, and I have my doubts. I doubt that the AI “writers” behind the marketing will have the nuanced perspective a person would. I doubt they can capture the diverse voices of numerous clients. I doubt that they can openly take feedback that deeply reflects the goals and branding of a client.

Is AI a tool? Yes, a tool I use all the time. It helps me find emojis to embed in a social post. It helps expedite the editing process with a quick check of spelling and grammar. It gives me feedback on pieces I write so I can more independently improve my pieces before sending them to editors.

But it will never replace a human’s voice. Its pieces are dry, without voice, and repetitive.

“There’s a world of difference between being able to nail two boards together (AI) and being a master carpenter (a talented human writer).”
– Lee Wochner, CEO of Counterintuity.

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