Annual Report for the Coalition for Responsible Community Development

When the Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) requested an annual report, we felt an emotion that most might not: excitement. We actually love annual reports. Creating these informative documents presents a fantastic opportunity for our client to reflect on their company and a chance for our designers to showcase their serious skills.

The CRCD is a youth-focused, neighborhood-based program designed to better address the needs of low-income, working-class residents and small businesses in South Los Angeles. To put it simply, our friends at CRCD run an important, inspiring organization – and they deserved an annual report to match.

Our focus was on telling the CRCD’s story, illustrating its achievements, and sharing testimonials from people involved with and affected by its extensive community contributions. We knew images would be key to our vision, so we immediately scheduled a photo shoot. We included these photographs along with engaging infographics, which enhanced our bold design based off their colorful logo and vibrant branding.

There are so many fascinating aspects to the CRCD’s operation, and this project allowed us a deeper understanding of our client. We went through numerous revisions – tweaking text, trying different page layouts, adding new information – until the client had something that truly represented their business.

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