Dishonesty will get you far

Sasha and Malia dollsIt’ll take you all over the internet, that’s for sure.

Here’s what I know about the new Sasha and Malia dolls from Ty Inc., maker of Beanie Babies: They have nothing to do with the kids of the precise same name who are Barack Obama’s daughters. Honest. At least that’s what the company swears. Really. They just happen to be named Sasha and Malia. Just like every other pair of sisters in America.

Companies telling lies. How last year.

I know you know this, but here goes anyway:  Everybody can see everything about you on the internet. Think it won’t wind up there? It will. That’s also your opportunity. So be honest, be upfront, and be real. However you feel about Ty making these dolls — and it’s clear how Michelle Obama feels about it — in an era that’s going to be associated with greater corporate responsibility, lying is just dumb.

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