Do you want a 4400% return on your marketing efforts?

According to Optimonster, email marketing can provide just that. Of course not all emails, and not all email marketing strategy, are equally effective. To get great results, you need to know how to craft efficient, valuable communications that keep your customer list active and engaged. So, what’s the secret? You know we have it—keep reading!

Here are the pillars of effective email marketing strategy:


Before your email reaches an inbox, you’ve got to decide who it’s going to. This involves defining your target audience, creating personas, and segmenting them into different categories that are relevant to your organization. You can get super granular here by geography, income level, job title, and more. Marketing automation tools, like Hubspot, come in handy here.


An engaging subject line and a headline that follows through on that subject line are the bread and butter of effective email marketing. Studies show eight out of 10 people read only the subjects or headlines of their emails – crazy! But true. That means you should spend some time on that little sentence: make sure it’s attention-grabbing, to the point, under 50 characters, and deliciously enticing all rolled into one.


Don’t overstuff your emails with factoids, too much news, or too many products. Ideally, you will pick ONE focus for your message and make the benefits and call to action for that item super clear. Knowing your audience comes in handy here—what do they want to know? What do they need to soothe their hurts?


The quicker your audience is able to perform your desired action (click, call, buy, read, etc.), the better your conversion rates will be. Make your call to action very clear with large buttons (yes, buttons! Not links hidden in text!), great design, and clear wording.

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