Eon Instrumentation’s New Website is Eons Ahead of the Curve

Eon Instrumentation’s New Website

From the moment you load Eon Instrumentation’s homepage, you’ll know what they’re about. Eon Instrumentation, Inc. is a veteran-owned, Southern California-based, multimillion-dollar electronic systems design, development, and manufacturing company that produces military-qualified products for airborne, ship, and ground vehicle platforms. They’ve been around for 57 years; it’s safe to say they know their stuff, and in 2019 it’s important their website convey that – a company’s only as good as its search ranking, after all.

When we made a deal with Eon, we promised to give them a modern website that was on par with the cutting-edge products and services they provide. With our superstar account manager Andrew Benton heading the project, our top goals were making the site user-friendly, up-to-date and mobile-optimized, and encouraging customers to reach out to the company for more information. We accomplished them by clearly organizing Eon’s extensive catalog of products, describing the company’s capabilities and product applications, and keeping customers informed about recent news and upcoming events. Large, dynamic images draw viewers into each page, and many more lead the eye down. The Contact page includes a form, important corporate emails, and the location and phone number for each of Eon’s offices – one in Van Nuys, the other in Oceanside.

And that’s just the stuff you can see.

We also conducted extensive keyword research plus a competitor analysis, keyword implementation, internal/external optimization to strengthen Eon’s SEO. We created a 50+ page WordPress site map. We spent hours copywriting. We designed an email newsletter based off of the new website.

After all this, we can confidently say we ended up with something pretty excellent. Congratulations on your new site, Eon! May it better your business for years to come.

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