How to disable Facebook’s ticker for good

Facebook’s ticker has been perhaps the most hated “upgrade” since the social network’s inception eight years ago this month.  Seeing every song your friend listens to on Spotify, watching friends chit-chat with people you’ve never heard of, and the sheer distraction of continual movement in your peripheral vision caused millions of fans to complain to Facebook.  Now, it seems they’ve (somehow) heard you.  With little fanfare and no announcement, Facebook added the ability to disable the ticker in both the sidebar and in newsfeed.  We’re more than happy to show you how to make it disappear in an easy 2-step process.

1. On the bottom right of your profile HOME page, under the online chat bar, find the grey arrow notated in the photo above.  Click on it, and the ticker (and also your online chat status bar) is removed from your sidebar.  Note that these two functions are intertwined.  You remove both when making this change.

2. On the HOME page of your profile, just under your name, you’ll find that same grey arrow as we point out in the photo above.  Click it, and the ticker  is also removed from your newsfeed. Ta dah!

This is great news for those who dont want to be constantly bombarded with seemingly mundane items.  However, should you decide you miss it, or find the ticker an easier method to interact directly with friends, then all you have to do is reverse this process.  Happy Facebooking to all!

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