How to make it to an interview

We’re looking for a Counterintuity intern!

While the competition for a job in this market is at its fiercest, surprise your interviewer by:

1. Reading the job posting carefully. The interviewer obviously put thought into crafting the job posting. Please do the same in applying. While it’s tempting to send off your resume ASAP so you can get that job NOW, take a moment to read the full job description and…

2. Assessing your compatibility with that job— don’t waste the interviewers time by applying for a job that you are over/under qualified for. Remember: the interviewer is looking for the RIGHT person for the job. Usually the RIGHT person is attentive, and present… not half-dashing off to some other job interview– Though, don’t we wish we had them lined up like that? This leads into…

3. Submitting YOU as it applies towards the job you’re applying for. This means actually taking the time to customize your resume AND cover letter. What is the job asking for? List what you have that qualifies you. This will save the interviewer time and convince the interviewer that yes: you are perfect for this job!

4. Do not trick yourself into doing what everyone else is doing: changing a few words on your resume/cover letter and assume you are customizing it. I’ve done it. Don’t do it. Having done it, I know the difference between being really serious about a job, or pretending to be serious about it so you get hired.

5. Relaxing. Resumes and cover letters that try too hard are exhausting to read. Give us The Best Of You. Highlight You. Of course this is my personal preference, but one that might serve you in the future. A relaxed attitude presents a confident applicant.

6. Make it just right. Longer is not better and the opposite also applies– short can sometimes be wanting. We’re like Goldilocks and the Three Bears: make it juuuuust right.

6. Being professional. Yes, we are professionals and (am I really admitting this? Yes I am!) we also use spell check if we need to. We like to have fun, we like to relax, but we also like to work hard. We also like being resourceful so we don’t have to work unnecessarily hard. Please use all your resources and make our job easier.

After all, that’s why we’re hiring you.

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