Is it time for a change?

I was talking with a client who had a marketing concept she’d been using on her blog for almost 6 months with tremendous success. Recently, it stopped working. Comments dried up. Traffic slowed down.

I asked her what changed? The answer was,

“Nothing. Nothing changed.”

Aha! In six months, nothing had changed. We figured out the problem pretty quickly.

With internet marketing, you need to keep things fresh, keep your audience on their toes and wanting more. If they know what’s coming week after week, they are probably going to get bored. And a bored audience is not an engaged audience.

photography by Azoome
Even the best marketing campaigns have a life span. Recognize when you need to shake it up.

Have you been marketing the same way for months, years, decades? Change it up.

If you are mostly doing search engine marketing, add social media to the mix. If you are doing ads in local papers, add email marketing.

Take a close look at your marketing. Could you use a change?

How you are shaking up your marketing?

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