How to get a kick-butt email marketing strategy

email marketing

Creating and sharing valuable, free content will bring all the prospects to your digital yard, but how do you translate that intrigue into sales? While social media focuses on conversations with your loyal followers, traditional email marketing — a tool thought to be old-fashioned, or even dead by some — boasts impressive conversion rates and moves the “conversation to commerce” (

The kicker lies in the numbers. Effective email and content marketing is not only cost-effective, but, according to the Direct Marketing Association, has “an ROI of around 4,300%.” #wowza

Here are a few key tips we’ve drafted to help spruce up your emails and up those click-through rates.

1. Tailor your subject lines
The single most important factor that leads to someone opening your email is your email’s subject line. Tailor it to be fewer than 60 characters to keep the messaging clear so that your reader knows what to expect.

2. Keep the content fresh
It’s all about content, content, content. Shall we repeat that again? Content! Create quality and niche-specific content, elaborating on your profession and expertise, that can’t be found via a simple Google search.

3. Create an eye-catching call-to-action
Emails should read like a narrative, so design them to guide your readers’ eyes to a bold call-to-action. This actionable item, whether it’s a link, a clickable button or a phone number, should urge your prospect to act.

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