Opt-in page notifications: Not impressed, Facebook.

Ever since Facebook rolled out promoted/sponsored posts the organic reach of facebook pages has gone down drastically. If you manage a facebook page this isn’t news to you. I understand that Facebook needs to find ways to continue to make money and afterall, we use the platform for free. Still, these changes are frustrating to say the least.

Gone are the days where your newsfeed isn’t littered with ads, sponsored posts and paid results and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. So short of investing some funds here is Facebook’s latest solution for page managers everywhere: sign up for notifications. Facebook now allows users to opt-in for page notifications. With this feature, an interested “fan” can make sure they’re not missing any of their favorite pages’ posts and get notified every time there is new content.

Seems like a good enough solution, right? Sure, unless you have several pages that you like to visit frequently and they each post more than once a day. Before you know it you’ll have more notifications from pages than your personal facebook page. That’s annoying.

Kudos to Facebook for making an effort to appease the unhappy cries from  Page Admins everywhere but they can’t seriously think this is a permanent solution, right? These opt-in page notifications serve pages much more than they do users who like that page but at least now you have the choice!

Would you opt-in for page notifications? I might go ahead and sign up for notifications for a select few of my favorite pages, but only the ones that post so sporadically that I wouldn’t want to miss what they’re broadcasting. Share your thoughts in the comments below or talk to us (ha) on Facebook.

UPDATE: Facebook has just released a Pages Feed underneath your pages (If you’re an admin) on the left sidebar. The posts are not showing in chronological order and it’s unclear how this affects their placement in the regular newsfeed. Again, I appreciate that they are responding with more options, but are these features worth much?

Would YOU check the Pages Feed? How do you feel about all these rapid fire changes to chameleon that we call Facebook? Feel free to tweet us at @Counterintuity

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