Last week, I was supposed to post here. But I didn’t.

I had even put a reminder into my schedule. There was even an alarm attached to that reminder. It went off on my laptop and on my iPhone. But I still didn’t write a post.

Now, we need posts written. As a social media firm, we know the impact that regular posting makes on traffic, on awareness, on SEO, and more. But I didn’t do it.

So why not?

Here’s one tip: over the past two weeks, we’ve notched record sales. We’ve gone after projects that we wanted, and we’ve booked them. So it looks like I was doing something else, something that had another quantifiable impact.

Yesterday at a private lunch meeting with board members of a foundation, our attorney confessed that he kept his old, limited, cellphone, and stayed away from Facebook and Twitter, because he was afraid of getting sucked in. I said, “What you’re really talking about is priorities. Focus will take you far. We tell clients all the time, ‘You don’t need to do everything. Decide what you want to achieve, and do what you need to do to accomplish that.’”

And that’s why, for the past week, even though they’re all useful tools, I’ve spent far more time with Salesforce than Facebook or WordPress. And why now, with last week’s priority achieved, I’m writing this blog post. Because like everyone else in business, we have objectives we’re working to meet, and my priorities have to flex to meet those objectives. It’s good to define your goals, and how you’re going to reach them. Focus takes you far.

And as for our attorney: He seriously needs an upgrade.

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