Proof for Facebook’s popularity

We advocate the use of numerous Social Media platforms such as: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Why? Because they’re popular. Social media is the new way to reach out. A reader (such as you) might say, “Well, Twitter’s popular, I understand LinkedIn’s popularity, but what does Facebook have to offer me?” OR, a reader (also you) might say, “I don’t understand Twitter or LinkedIn. I don’t get it. Why don’t they just call, or e-mail like they used to?”

If you fall in the category of the latter reader– You MUST come to our Get Connected Seminar on April 22nd! This social media seminar will tell you everything you need to know about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, e-newsletters and more! (End of plug).

If you fall in the first category– I have something very nifty to show you. You know the Google search bar that so many people have in their web browsers? It looks like this:

I performed a quick Internet Popularity Analysis, but simply typing in the letters of the alphabet to see what words or phrases show up in the autofill. The words and phrases that automatically fill in, are the ones that Google sees as the most frequently used phrases. Thus, if anyone is searching on the internet for anything, that thing will be recorded in Google’s database. The more people use the phrase, the more popular and more likely it is to show up as autofill in the toolbar. Here are my findings for the letter “F”:

And then results for the letter “T” (I wanted to see just how popular Twitter ranked against Facebook):

Now, obviously Facebook is more popular– it shows up twice under “F”. Next, I went to “W” to find out–which one will show up? Will both? Or will none?:

Facebook shows up! This has given me a bit to think about– why people put in those particular terms for Facebook, is it because Facebook IS more popular? and second– in a few more months, will Twitter have the same popularity as Facebook currently has? And– what about other social media platforms?

In a nutshell: Facebook offers popularity. So many people are looking/searching for it, that the smart move, is to go where everyone is visiting and either establish a Facebook presence, or submit Facebook ads to the audience.

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