Public Relations from an inside-outsider perspective (part 1)

I am, by no means, the PR expert at Counterintuity (That’d be our publicist.) BUT I have learned a lot about PR and what it can do for a business. From an inside/outsider’s point of view, here’s what I’ve observed:

PR cannot hurt your business*. Public Relations IS advertising, if you don’t get your name out there, no one knows you exist. Public Relations is a service we offer that has helped many of our clients establish their name, their presence, their product, the services they offer, and get the word out to the community that they exist and are making a difference.

PR can hurt your business. *I know I said it can’t, but PR can hurt your business when you don’t use it OR if you don’t use it effectively. In this month’s issue of Counterintelligence, we have an article which describes exactly that.

Publicity is here to serve you and work for you. If you aren’t using it, you’re passing up a great opportunity to increase people’s awareness about you/your product/what you have to offer.

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