Seize 2021 for all its worth

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

                                  — Peter Drucker

2020 has been hard. Because, let’s face it, nobody was prepared for this. But now 2021 is right around the corner — and you can prepare for a better year. While you can’t do anything about the pandemic (except observe precautions for yourself and others), there are other ways to take charge. Taking charge — by planning the outcome you want rather than relying on hope — puts you in charge.

Our marketing labs — quick, impactful packages of marketing improvement — will help you grab hold of 2021. Our friendly, collaborative, result-oriented Strategy Lab and Branding Lab, whether conducted in person or via Zoom, will help you:

    • Focus on your ideal market
    • Solidify your brand identity
    • Determine actions that achieve real results

Built around processes we’ve developed and deployed over the past two decades with hundreds of clients, each lab is customized to suit your specific needs. In each, we partner you with two of our senior strategists plus another marketer to examine the underpinnings of your organization and to dig into your opportunities. In these labs, some of the things we take a look at include:

• The desires of your supporters
• Your current marketing
• The look and feel of your brand
• Threats and contingencies
• Your best opportunities for growth

Each lab starts with a focused meeting between you and a marketing strategist, followed by an in-depth session with your leadership team, a research component, and then presentation of an action plan.

By helping you focus on objectives you can achieve, in just three weeks this quick initiative, can help set you on the course for an entire year.

Your 2021 could be (should be!) different. Better. The best way to help make that happen for yourself is to plan on it.

“This experience has opened my eyes to how thorough the process is at Counterintuity, and how much goes into both honing vision and creating systems of effective marketing. The investment has been totally worth it.”

Founder of nonprofit

“Great experience with a smart, articulate and interesting group. We’re early in our product development and the half day our team spent with the Counterintuity group I feel was time well spent.”

— CEO of healthcare startup


Our Strategy Lab can help you set the course for your desired destination, while our Branding Lab shows everyone that you’ve arrived. We can help guide you to your better future.

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