Social media cannot replace your website

You are incredibly excited by social media. I get it. I am too. Social media provides new opportunities for you to reach out to new audiences and connect on a deeper level with your clients, customers and prospects.

On Facebook or Twitter, you are capturing a “like” or “follower.”

Is that money in the bank? Not completely. There are Facebook apps that allow for eCommerce and data capture but you might need to invest a small fortune on development.

Don’t get me wrong, there is serious value to your like and follower base. These folks have opted in to hear from you on a regular basis. You have the chance to prove your mettle and show your stuff on a daily basis. Earn your follower’s trust and make them like you even more. You can have full conversations and exchanges that weren’t previously possible.

But your Facebook fans and Twitter followers will click to your website when they want to take the next step. Your website must be the most comprehensive place for content about your business.

140 characters might not be enough to make the sale but it can be what it takes to get the click.

Social media drives traffic to your website. Your website needs to close the deal.

Keep it current and make it action-oriented (sign up, call us, buy now). Keep using social media but don’t neglect your website.

Social media cannot replace your website.

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