Sorting out complexity

In the spirit of Back-To-School, and the year being more than half way over, now’s a good time (as any) take inventory on the current situation–fall’s spring-cleaning, so to speak.

What is the current situation? “The current situation” is that it can always be better. What are the steps to transforming a situation so it is better?

  1. Identify that the situation can be better – Are you noticing a bad trend?
  2. Take steps to fix the trend. For Counterintuity it means we’re updating our current client list, sprucing up our home page, making it a point to follow up with clients (and vendors) etc.
  3. Notice actions that create positive change. – Narrow the focus to hone in on that one specific thing that will make a noticeable difference.
  4. Repeat the “thing” and tweak it as many times as it takes to perfect it and to create the ultimate positive change.
  5. That thing is an idea or mindset that will be applicable to other aspects of similar nature, and then becomes the new “Rule” of running business more effectively.
  6. Define that “Rule” and revisit it periodically to see if it’s working for you.

Sometimes the current situation can feel like it can be better. The good news is that it can be—though it might take some time to fiddle around and find the solution.

What’s your current situation and what steps are you taking to improve it? Do you have a different process?

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