Sturgeon’s law

I just got in from giving a presentation about social media. At the end, I took questions. Here was the first question:

“Most social media seems so… trivial.”

Me:  “What’s the question?”

“What’s your response?”

Me:  “I agree. So is most human speech. So is most of everything. It’s Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of everything is crap. BUT — the other 10% has real value. And that 10% represents a lot of people wanting a lot of things.”

It’s true that most social media consists of funny pet videos and meaningless surveys about long-ago TV shows. But there are billions of tweets and postings every day; if only 10% of them are content-rich, that’s still millions of opportunities to get your message out there.

Don’t worry about the chaff. Focus on the wheat.

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