What *is* content marketing anyway?

What is content marketing? Content marketing is something most marketers have done for years without ever knowing that it had a name.  I don’t remember learning about it in journalism school, yet I’ve provided content marketing to my clients since my first day at my first marketing job.  The only difference is that now, I’m […]

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Adventures of a blogger part 2

(Last time) back in April, I was beginning to get into the swing of blogging. It’s not easy finding relevant topics to blog about. Despite being immersed in a plethora of available topics, that one would otherwise find it quite easy to blog, writer’s block hit me. What’s the best cure for writer’s block? Well,

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Adventures as a blogger part 1

I first came into the world of Blogging via (before it was owned by Google). On their home page, they would have a few blogs listed or the most recently updated blogs so it was easy to find new content—and back then it was usually pretty good. Now, it seems, everyone has their own

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