I know we're not the only office who deals with diverse, shall we say, cleanliness habits.  We're an equal opportunity employer, after all.  We've got neat freaks, chore-challenged and just about everything in between.

We are all swamped, and we're all professionals.  We admittedly struggle with the concept of cleaning at work.  Should everyone take a week of duty? Are executives exempt? Is cleaning up after our own clients and visitors expected, or should the receptionist or assistants do it?

We're delighted that our commercial cleaning service, Liberty Building Maintenance, not only cleans offices and restrooms, but kitchens, too! We all clap and smile the minute they arrive, knowing that our sometimes-cluttered-sometimes-clean kitchen will, at least today, be spic-and span.   Liberty's building maintenance services and construction clean up have been grade-A since no one is quite sure how to perform anything but light maintenance duties around here. We're mostly creative types, not engineers.

We're growing and we need your help. How does your staff handle office kitchen duty?   In the meantime, I'll keep leaving notes like this. It doesn't change behavior, but it sure makes me feel better!



  1. Ha! This is too funny. For some reason, people always think someone is going to clean up after them…I worked at a company before where they would schedule out each employee to do the dishes once a week. Unless something like this is in place, than everyone should know to do their own dishes!

  2. LOl this is classic. Happened everywhere I worked and it’s one of about 100 factors why I left corporate world (people’s lack of self responsibility). But the note is funny, reminds me of passiveagressivenotes.com

  3. Great post. Sharing kitchen responsibilities is such an important task … and one that is rarely addressed! We share coffee making responsibilities and people are supposed to wash their own dishes!

  4. Luckily every time I packed my lunch someone in the office stole it first and I never got the container back lol would an office dishwasher be a bad idea? It probably won’t make a difference, there is always that one person smh

  5. I’ve worked at offices where we had teams that were responsible for kitchen duty every week. But there were always slackers on every team so it never really worked. It’s been an issue at nearly every place I’ve ever worked, unless you have a cleaning service that handles it. But to Rick’s comment, having personalized mugs would at least let you know who the guilty ones are!

  6. Oh this is special. There are always a few for sure. Why is it so difficult for each individual to clean up after themselves. It simply amazes me…

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