There’s no such thing as a free (plane) ride and other Facebook rumors

It’s hard to believe that my Facebook friends–mostly college-educated–are so gullible.  The same people that teach their children not to take candy from strangers are the very ones who are propagating the most ridiculous rumors on Facebook, without even checking their facts.  Just to be clear:

1. Costco is not giving away $1000 gift certificates to all of their Facebook fans–or $100 ones.  Nor are Cheesecake Factory or Walmart.

2. Facebook is NOT shutting down on March 15th.  Probably not ever.

3. Southwest Airlines is NOT giving away two free air travel tickets to those who follow a special online link.  The only thing you’ll get from that link is a virus and a headache.

Actually, about the only free thing you can get on Facebook right now is Facebook itself.  (Hoax #4 solved-Facebook is not planning on charging a fee).  That, and my sage advice: Don’t pass on links you know nothing about just because your neighbor’s second cousin posted it on his wall. Trying to take back a stupidly shared rumor is like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.  Messy and ultimately impossible.

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