This email might save you $40,000 — seriously

A few weeks ago, a small business where I’m a customer got a letter from an attorney threatening to sue them. Why?

Because their website isn’t ADA compliant.

So we’re reminding you again: Your website should be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. For several reasons:

  • In New York and California especially, we’re seeing payouts of about $40,000 each on these claims. So you might save a substantial amount of money by making your website accessible
  • You want everyone to be able to use your website, right? Everyone buys online — including people with vision issues, motor-function limitations, and other disabilities
  • It’s the right thing to do. Just like accessibility ramps on sidewalks

If your website isn’t ADA-compliant, what can you do? You can start remediation with a simple plugin integration (which we can perform for you). Are your fonts large enough? Does your color contrast meet standards? We can perform on-site changes to help ensure that everyone can access your content and your products.

(While possibly helping to stave off a lawsuit.)

Here’s more about ADA compliance and how remediation works.

We can help you get started.

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