“Tweeting” Is Not For the Birds

Is your business using Twitter?

It’s officially Spring, and “tweeting” is not just for the birds. “Tweets” are 140-word statements, or “micro-blogs,” that are disseminated to a list of “followers,” or people that subscribe to your updates.

Whether you tweet about company news events or your own take on industry happenings; showcase your success or welcome a new client; announce a sale or offer quick solutions to prospects– you must be sure you are seen and heard again and again. In 2009, businesses and key executives must use Twitter along with other social marketing tools to achieve optimal visibility.

Go to http://twitter.com and click the “Get Started – Join!” button.

Next time, we’ll chat about growing your Twitter following. Until then, follow Counterintuity at http://twitter.com/Counterintuity.

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