Up your open rate

Clients have been asking how to get their email marketing working better. Let’s start at brass tacks – your email has to be opened for it to have any impact. How do you increase your open rate?

The From field is the first thing a recipient sees. Isn’t that what you look at first? Readers determine if an email is from someone they know or is it spam. Which would inspire you to open: info@yourcompany.com or amy@yourcompany.com. Personal is better.Next, they read the Subject. Tempt your reader, ask a question, be provocative. Which are you more likely to open: “November Newsletter” or “I found your wallet!”

I’m not suggesting you be dishonest, I’m merely giving an example of something a tad more provocative than “Acme’s monthly boring eNews.”

An email blast’s purpose is NOT to sell. Attention span is too short in an email. The goal of an email blast is to…

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