East Hollywood reimagined

East Hollywood, a vibrant hub known for its eclectic mix of boutique shops, cultural diversity, and dynamic atmosphere, had become what we like to call an “invisiborough.” While locals cherished the neighborhood’s charm, its identity was an elusive hidden gem in greater Los Angeles. Indeed, neither visitors nor residents realized they were in East Hollywood.

Recognizing the potential of this lively district, we stepped in to carve out a distinct identity that was uniquely East Hollywood.

With our expertise in community engagement and branding, we began the journey to transform the area’s recognition.

Our first steps involved an in-depth brainstorming and strategy development process, combining the creativity of our team with the unique perspective of the East Hollywood Business Improvement District (BID) and key stakeholders.

We explored the essence of the community, drawing inspiration from its unique blend of independent eateries, vibrant arts scene, foundational institutions, and the innovative spirit that underpinned its arts-meet-science character.

Our collaborative efforts led us to three defining adjectives: “fun,” “artsy,” and “smart”.

With strategic branding, and especially with cultural destination marketing, understanding the socioeconomic fabric and the local stakeholders’ vision is paramount.

For projects like this, we dive deep into these aspects, ensuring that our urban district rebranding strategies align with community values and drive sustainable growth. For East Hollywood, this meant not just a new logo or tagline, but a comprehensive narrative that local businesses, residents, and organizations could rally behind.

Community branding projects require a tailored approach, one that speaks not just to the heart of the local populace but also to outside interests. This dual focus ensures that the branding serves to both fortify the community’s self-image and promote economic vitality.

With East Hollywood, our goal was to create a brand that supported local business growth and attracted new investments, all while honoring the district’s unique cultural tapestry.

Embracing these identifiers, Counterintuity crafted a brand message and logo design that beat with the heart of East Hollywood.

Our approach to community branding also involves rigorous market analysis to identify potential opportunities and challenges.

In the case of East Hollywood, we recognized the need to elevate its profile in surrounding areas teeming with competing popular destinations. By positioning the district as a hub for innovation and creativity, we opened up new avenues for community-based initiatives and partnerships that would benefit the wider area.

A street pole named East Hollywood

The fruits of this partnership were soon evident. With a branding strategy that made its presence unmistakable, the once under-recognized district became a clearly defined destination.

Our street pole campaign transformed East Hollywood’s streets into a canvas that celebrated its revitalized community identity.

East Hollywood street pole sign

The East Hollywood BID has been a cornerstone of the community since its inception in 2007. The BID has made substantial contributions to the area’s development, including planting over a hundred trees, eradicating graffiti, and collaborating with entities like Metro, CalTrans, and City Council District 13 to install street medians, enhancing the Vermont Avenue Corridor’s appeal from Hollywood Blvd. to Santa Monica Blvd.

We’re proud to have played a part in East Hollywood’s resurgence.

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