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Cultivating community support

Harvard-Westlake River Park is a transformative 16-acre property in Studio City, California, developed with a commitment to ecological sustainability, community enrichment, and educational advancement. The park provides a sanctuary for local wildlife, a reduction in urban water consumption, and a recreational haven for both the Harvard-Westlake School and the public.

We were brought in to spearhead a comprehensive campaign that would ensure effective communication with the community and stakeholders. Our approach was holistic, incorporating a variety of strategies to deliver an ecosystem of support for the River Park vision.

Social media management and content creation

We launched a targeted social media campaign to correct misinformation and amplify project visibility. By refining the project’s message, expanding outreach, and engaging with influencers, we were able to make a significant impact on public perception.

Website design and SEO

Our web development efforts resulted in a dynamic and engaging website that effectively communicated project details and progress. By integrating SEO best practices, we enhanced the site’s visibility and search engine ranking.

harvard westlake river park website mockup

Measuring success

These simple metrics reflect our success in achieving the client’s objectives:

Green light
Our strategic and communicative efforts culminated in the Los Angeles City Council granting final project approval.

Website Traffic
An impressive 49% increase in site visits, indicating heightened public interest and engagement.

Audience Growth
A substantial 17.5% growth in the overall audience, reflecting effective community outreach and advocacy.

Let’s make some noise

Our proven approach can help you connect with supporters like never before.

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