Monica Rodriguez website, winner of 2022 MarCom Award

Elevating civic engagement

In a bustling big city, where identity and communication are pivotal, Counterintuity has emerged as a trusted partner for elected officials seeking to forge a strong online presence. Even though the City of Los Angeles offers in-house website design services for city departments, forward-thinking council members have sought our expertise to create platforms that stand out and deeply connect with their community.

Councilmember Monica Rodriguez is a dedicated public servant in the City of Los Angeles, working tirelessly to address community needs, supporting local businesses, improving neighborhood infrastructure, and enhancing public services.

After seeing a site we did for a fellow council member, she approached us with a vision.

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Councilwoman Rodriguez envisioned a website that mirrors her dynamism and commitment to her constituents. We delivered a digital space infused with her signature bold red, a color that symbolizes her passion and energy.

Through her new website, we told her story, encapsulating her journey, achievements, and ongoing dialogue with the people she serves.

Recognizing the need for the council office to have autonomy over its content, we implemented a user-friendly solution using WordPress, our preferred platform due to its ease of use for content updates by in-house staff.

To streamline this process further, we provided customized training, empowering the council staff to manage the platform with confidence and efficiency.

Our commitment to client empowerment

We believe in enabling clients beyond the launch of their websites to ensure they have the tools and knowledge to maintain their digital presence effectively. Our approach is collaborative and transparent, with ongoing support tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

Let’s make some noise

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