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The Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA) embarked on an ambitious project to revitalize the Upper Los Angeles River and its Tributaries (ULART), recognizing the critical need to foster ecological restoration and community connectivity.

For organizations like MRCA, the journey from concept to successful community engagement requires a path paved with creativity, flexibility, communication, innovation, and strategic thinking.

Listen before you leap.”

For this project, our deep dive with MRCA gave us a thorough understanding of watershed management and community needs, enabling us to create precisely tailored marketing strategies and authentic content that effectively spoke to their target audience.

Being different isn’t enough.”

With MRCA, after an impactful strategy-development phase, we crafted a 16-page color brochure and a succinct one-sheet, transforming technical information into compelling narratives for sharing with residents, constituents, and stakeholders.

One size does not fit all.”

For the ULART Plan, we developed an adaptive suite of tools, including online surveys and fun quizzes, to engage a diverse audience. Having a tailored approach ensures that whether your goal is to educate, inspire, or mobilize, the strategy and tactics remain as dynamic as your mission.

Real change starts with a dialogue.”

With this project, through targeted social media content and advertising, we expanded awareness of MRCA’s river beautification project. Simultaneously, we cultivated a stronger community feeling and sense of inclusion. Beyond merely communicating with their audience, we connected the client and their stakeholders more closely, enhancing engagement through initiating discussions on topics of mutual interest and concern.

Expect the unexpected.”

Our work with MRCA solved the challenges of the day but also anticipated future opportunities. By adopting a foundational community-centric approach, we ensured the revitalized communication plan was resilient for the future.

The project culminated in the successful promotion of the Upper Los Angeles River and Tributaries Revitalization Plan, expanding MRCA’s influence and deepening community engagement.

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Our strategic and creative approach not only heightened awareness about the importance of watershed management and ecological restoration but also mobilized community members to get involved, showing once again that well-executed digital marketing can help drive change.

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