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Online, we’re all inundated with information and choices, so much so that clarity has become the brass ring everyone’s stretching for — especially travelers who can get easily confused and worn out by search results.

That’s why clarity became the keystone of our digital strategy for San Mateo Silicon Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau, a client situated in a loosely understood territory with no clear boundaries.

San Mateo map

Strategically, we began by defining the territory, creating online “zones” of interest, shaded by color and supported with copy, that helped travelers understand where they would be when visiting and choose what they wanted to see.

Understanding that no two visitors are alike, we tailored our digital strategy to serve a myriad of traveler intents.

Whether it was the gastronomy enthusiast eager to discover local cuisines or the executive searching for an event space, our platform adapted to meet these diverse needs with focus, clarity, and ease.

Conversations that connect

Our marketing copywriting redefined the region, invigorating interest in the destination which was ripe for exploration and excitement. We embedded a pulse in the digital platform, ensuring that every visitor’s interaction was memorable.

Innovation that works

Innovation can’t just be something new; it must be effective. The integration of a trip-planning widget and Find Accommodations functionality helped visitors discover and engage with the region in ways that were both cutting-edge and intuitive.

The impact of strategic digital engagement

Our long partnership with the San Mateo Silicon Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau created a thriving digital ecosystem that served as a nexus between curious visitors and the area’s wealth of experiences.

The marked increases in traffic, guide requests, and hotel bookings are proof of a strategy that clearly informed and inspired countless journeys through Silicon Valley.

Let’s make some noise

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