A world of possibilities

Alex was uninspired. The bright yet undecided student with a passion for technology and a desire to make a tangible difference in the world was slumped in his chair in the office of Mr. Rivera, a high school guidance counselor known for uncovering hidden gems.

After a few clicks of his keyboard, Mr. Rivera turned his computer screen toward Alex, introducing a world where technology meets environmental solutions. In an instant, you could see the light go on.

A simple online search led them to the USC Spatial Sciences Institute.

The USC Spatial Sciences Institute, known for its pioneering spirit, faced a unique challenge. Their revolutionary approach to addressing world problems, bridging academic excellence with real-world applications, needed to attract the right audience.

This is where we stepped in, embarking on a mission to amplify the USC Spatial Sciences Institute’s digital presence.

Flexibility and adaptability are key in our approach, recognizing that the needs of the Institute and its audience will evolve.

We implemented a flexible, ongoing social media and SEO plan, that highlighted the Institute’s unique selling points to its community of tech-savvy, environmentally-conscious individuals.

We promoted the Institute’s Los Angeles Geospatial Summit with public relations, social media, and digital advertising.

Together, these strategies ensured the summit stood out as a premier event in the geospatial community.

Measurable impact and growth

The results were remarkable. Within a year, the USC Spatial Sciences Institute saw its follower base grow by over 25%, with social-media interaction rates increasing by 30%. The website updates and SEO work quickly led to a 40% increase in page views, culminating in a record-breaking month of nearly 10,000 views.

Page views
Social followers
Social engagement

We’re proud that our partnership has not only elevated the Institute’s profile but has also opened doors for future spatial scientists to discover and pursue their calling.

Let’s make some noise

Our proven approach can help you connect with supporters like never before.

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