Remarketing Done Right

May 21, 2015, posted by Chelsea Bishop

Remarketing Done Right

Recently, Pedialyte shifted their target market from kids to their parents. Why? Because it turns out their product, as well as being a cure-all for sick little ones, is also often used by adults with hangovers. In fact, adult usage has increased by 57 percent since 2012 [Neilsen].

So, equipped with that information and a new #seethelyte campaign, they successfully remarketed their product to not only a very different market, but for a very different purpose.

In this lies a great lesson. If your marketing strategy is tired or your product needs a refresh, it isn’t time to give up – it’s time to reinvent. Sometimes even the best of us get stuck in a rut. It’s never too late to change your strategy and try something new. We happen to be experts in fresh marketing –

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Nonprofit SEO for 2015

May 15, 2015, posted by Chelsea Bishop

Infographic by Brian Tucker

Looking to reinvent your nonprofit SEO this year? It can be tough to keep up with a process that’s so constantly evolving, but this infographic will help you stay on top of the game!

Nonprofit SEO for 2015

Client Shout-Out: Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau

May 7, 2015, posted by Chelsea Bishop

Client Shout-Out: Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau

We want to give a shout-out to our client, Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau, and congratulate them on their fabulously redesigned website! (Hint: We made it.) As public insurance adjusters, they provide so many people with hope when disaster strikes. We were more than happy to help them with their online presence!

Is your website a disaster? Let us adjust it for you!

So…What’s SEO?

April 30, 2015, posted by Chelsea Bishop

So...What's SEO?

You’ve heard people say it. You might even know what the letters stand for (Search Engine Optimization). It’s a tricky concept to grasp – but it’s an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.

SEO is all about striving for higher search rankings. Successful SEO means you’re doing a good job of driving traffic from search engines to your website. How might you accomplish this?

  • Quality content. As important as it is to appeal to search engines, don’t lose your customer along the way! When creating copy for your site, strike a healthy balance between rankings and readers.
  • Keyword research. Find out which words your target audience is searching for and be sure to intersperse them throughout your entire website – not just your home page.
  • Regular updates. Don’t let your site fade into the background. Keep it current – the more frequent your updates, the more traffic you’ll get!

Still confused? Shoot us an email. We can make your life SEO much easier.

Image by SEOPlanter is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Nurturing a Successful Brand/Consumer Relationship

April 23, 2015, posted by Chelsea Bishop

Nurturing a Successful Brand/Consumer RelationshipIt can be said that courting a consumer is a lot like dating a real live person. But even if that’s not your strong suit in everyday life, you can still successfully craft a relationship with your potential customers. Here, a couple tips:

  • Don’t try too hard. Ease into things. Take your time. If you’re overly pushy, your consumer might mistake your persistence for desperation and lose interest. Remember, as with a new relationship, moving too fast can simply screw things up.
  • Make them feel special. Your love interest needs to feel important – you don’t treat them the way you treat everyone else. 78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building a relationship with them. [Source]
  • Just be yourself. Once you’ve established a base relationship, open up a little. Let your consumer see the real you. You’re not like those other guys.
  • Don’t get too comfortable. Don’t think that just because your consumer is loyal, they don’t need you to try anymore. Don’t forget the romance – they still want to be wooed every now and then.

Still struggling? Let us change your approach – consider us your branding coach.

Image by Nickay3111 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Instagram Carousel Ads

April 16, 2015, posted by Chelsea Bishop

Instagram Carousel Ads

The concept behind Instagram Carousel ads is simple: swipe left to learn more. This new feature allows brands to add a bit more depth to their ads by including up to four photographs for Instagram users to scroll through. Some famous names that have already hopped on the Carousel: Banana Republic, Tiffany & Co., and Samsung.

Clearly, this feature is appealing to businesses. But will users feel the same way? That all depends on how it’s used. And if you ask us, the best tactic is to tell a story.

Carousel gives you the opportunity to not only showcase your product, but to illustrate its value by taking it on an adventure. Say you’re selling Ray Bans – don’t limit yourself to a single photo of lonely, lifeless sunglasses. Put them on a pretty face and follow them through a day at the boardwalk, a splash in the ocean and a sunset on the beach. Now that’s worth selling (and buying).

This applies not only to Carousel, but to marketing in general. Consumers want to be able to invest in something, and a story makes them feel a connection to that investment.

Not sure how to connect with your customers? Let us help!

Image by Mark Hillary is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Struggle of the Seasoned Marketer

April 9, 2015, posted by Chelsea Bishop

Struggle of the Seasoned MarketerToday’s fast-paced, technologically advanced world can make even the savviest 25-year-old feel inadequate. So what if you’re about twice that age and feeling about half as savvy? Fear not! There’s no need to let your birthday get the best of you. A couple tips for succeeding as a seasoned marketer in a youth-driven market:

  • Ask for help! Whether it’s requesting your teenaged daughter help you with your Instagram profile (she’ll roll her eyes, but will likely oblige) or observing how the new intern does it, you can learn a lot from the younger people around you who have come of age in this crazy-connected world.
  • Get involved. That new app everyone has been talking about? Try it out! Most are free or cheap and very user-friendly. The more time you spend with technology, the less intimidating it will become.
  • Don’t be discouraged. Remember that everyone is exploring a new technological frontier every day, and half the time they’re just as lost as you are.

If the struggle is all too much, we do like to think of ourselves as experts on the digital world: shoot us an email and let us give you a hand.

Image by Blake Patterson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

4 Weeks Until Google Penalizes Your Site

April 2, 2015, posted by Chelsea Bishop

Author: Amy Kramer

4 Weeks Until Google Penalizes Your Site

Google is changing how it does things.
And if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, your search engine rankings will drop.
You didn’t do anything wrong, you just need to get with the times, or Google will stop referring your customers to your site.

GOOD NEWS: Google has a free tool to test the mobile-friendliness of your site! Go test your site. I’ll wait.


If it says:
4 Weeks Until Google Penalizes Your Site
…then congratulations! You can stop reading now and go have a cookie knowing that you are good shape. Hell, have two.

If it says:
4 Weeks Until Google Penalizes Your Site

…then you need to change things. Quickly.
We can help.

If your site is on WordPress, there’s a fast, inexpensive solution to fix this for you. We can set up and design a mobile plugin to make your site mobile-friendly. Other content management systems have this option too.

Ideally, your site should be responsive. That means your site layout automatically adjusts for the screen it’s being viewed on, be it mobile, tablet or desktop. This works best with a full site redesign. And if your site is at least 4 years old, it’s time for a new site. There are a number of other factors in Google’s ranking algorithm that are not benefiting your old site.

Mobile is here and growing. You need to take advantage of the mobile opportunity and not lose your valuable Google ranking.

We’ll analyze your site and let you know what’s your best, most cost-effective option.

Effective Email Marketing

March 26, 2015, posted by Chelsea Bishop

Effective Email Marketing

Some say email marketing is going out of style. Consumers are already inundated with online ads and marketing ploys in their day-to-day lives; who’s going to take the time to open yet another annoying marketing email?

Well, lots of people.

It all depends on your approach. A marketing email is only annoying if you let it be. Here’s what to focus on if you want to get the best response from your readers (and potential customers!):

  • Subject line. This might seem like a small detail, but it can make the difference between someone opening an email and sending it straight to Junk. Keep subjects short and fully stocked with powerful words.
  • Write to a person, not a mailing list. Your reader is a human being – treat them as such and remind them that you’re one, too. Make them feel like you’re writing to them as a friend, not a target or potential sale.
  • Reward. Offer your reader something for taking the time to be your reader. Whether it be sage advice or a simple pat on the back for staying awake at work, brighten their day. A little sunshine never hurt anyone.

Still need some help? Send us an email!

Image by Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

It’s Not You, It’s Facebook

March 19, 2015, posted by Chelsea Bishop

It's Not You, It's FacebookIf your business’s Facebook page recently experienced a dip in likes, don’t let it get you down. It’s not something you said! On March 5th, Facebook began removing likes from inactive accounts and that means your numbers may be lower – for now. Facebook’s goal is to make likes more meaningful by verifying that data on Facebook is up-to-date. Now, you’ll know that the people who have liked your company actually like your company. And that, my friends, is a good thing. Here’s why:

  • More insight into your audience. You use your Facebook page to gauge the interests of your potential customers and how they react to your products, posts and plans. Now, you’ll know that this audience is genuinely interested in what you bring to the table and won’t be wasting time gathering details from dead accounts.
  • Targeted audience growth. This narrowed pool of likers will also make it easier for you to broaden your targeted audience based on the one you already have through tools like Facebook’s Lookalike Audience.
  • More consistent information. Facebook already filters out comments made by deactivated accounts from business page posts, so removing said accounts’ likes from business pages will ensure accurate, congruous data.

The good news is, if a deactivated account is reactivated it will be re-added to a page’s likers. But if you’re still a little wounded by the sudden drop in likes, we’ll gladly come to your aid – with a shoulder to cry on and a whole lot of social media knowledge.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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