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November 21, 2014, posted by Vartan


Why it just got harder to promote your business on Facebook

November 14, 2014, posted by Vartan

Facebook Advertising


We’re all too familiar with the slew of promo-based posts that run up and down our Facebook News Feeds from major brands and businesses (in addition to paid ads). In an attempt to provide a solution to the complaints and negative feedback Facebook has received, the social Megatron has decided to set into action a promotional content crack down.

What does this mean for Facebook and Facebook users? Starting January 1, 2015, Facebook is tweaking its algorithms to minimize the amount of promotional posts that show up in your News Feed.

What does this mean for your business’ Facebook marketing efforts? It’s time to get creative with how you market your products or services via posts. If you want/need to promote something unique, Facebook Advertising is the route to go.

Here’s what Facebook defines as “a promotional post”:

  • Posts that hard sell a product or service
  • Posts that promote contests or sweepstakes without supporting or “real” context
  • Posts that recycle or mimic copy and content used in ads

This is why we have the 80/20 law: 80% of your content should relate to lifestyle and soft-selling, while 20% should be about the sale.

Our thoughts? Facebook seems to be using user complaints as a scapegoat to cover up their not-so-hidden desires of moving brands and businesses to advertise on their network in hopes of receiving any sort of interaction or engagement from their followers. If you’re wanting to promote your products or services through organic posts, tough luck! No one’s going to see them. Time to enlist Facebook Advertising and Ad Manager, put together a budget and a campaign, and advertise away.

Luckily, we A) saw this coming and B) know how to maximize your advertising efforts on Facebook… We do it for a living!

If you need guidance, reach out and we’ll gladly help. Email: 

Is your website ugly?

November 4, 2014, posted by Vartan

We understand your woes, we really do…
But this is where you need us.

We’ll swoop in, dressed in our orange and blue capes, equipped with our venti coffees, and save the day.

Always remember that your website leaves a huge impression on your current and potential client base.
If it’s outdated and ugly, you’re risking losing out on that lead and who can afford that?

This is what we can do for you in just 4 short weeks.

Web Design Web Design


Ready to enjoy the perks of a sleek, clean, new website? Don’t collect dust.

Contact us today and start your new year with a shiny, functional, modern new site!




October 24, 2014, posted by Vartan

It’s safe to say that we’re a fun and possibly mischievous bunch. Hey, we’re creatives–it comes with the territory!

So, while Amy was in Sweden working with Volvo, we may have gotten into a bit of trouble. Here’s the evidence.


Volvo Sweden 2_domSleeping 3_jaclyn Meditation work away 4_Andrew Sports 5_Penny watching Power Rangers 6_Vartan is Late to Work 7_Jon headed to Portos 8_LeeThinkingCaptianAmerica 9_AmysBaaaack

Infographic: PR for your business

October 3, 2014, posted by Vartan



Don’t wait any longer. Send us an e-mail.


Graphic Design Magic!

September 11, 2014, posted by Vartan

We’re always excited to work with our talented graphic designers and, luckily for us, they seamlessly edited this photo of last week’s Ribbon Cutting ceremony.

Can you spot the difference?


Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting

#TwitterUpdate: Make the BEST Impression!

August 4, 2014, posted by Vartan

A breakdown of everything you need to know about Twitter’s new dashboard!

Twitter's new dashboard
Twitter is catching up to Facebook’s Insights with its refreshed engagement tracking dashboard. Need richer data? Want to know which tweets are going viral or how far they’re reaching? Keep reading…

According to Twitter’s latest blog post, until just recently, “a Tweet’s impact was measured largely by the number of Retweets and favorites it received.” So what new changes have taken effect to help you understand your Twitter’s audience? Here’s our breakdown:

  • It’s all about impressions
    Twitter’s dashboard now offers you the power to view impressions, or how many people have viewed your Tweets. The dashboard is also optimized to track impressions on Android and iOS apps, along with, too.What you can do with this information: Analyze the types of posts that receive the highest and lowest impressions, then create new content that fits what your followers (or those who view your Tweets) like.
  • Engagement has evolved
    Want to see who’s Retweeted or favorited your posts? Click on any Tweet to view those metrics in detail. You can also track how many people have clicked on any links or hashtags you’ve Tweeted, too.How does this help? Other than the basics, you can track the traffic Twitter is directing to your website, which you should be linking often.
  • You can print out monthly analytic reports
    Who doesn’t love an Excel spreadsheet? We sure do and so does Twitter. Now you can print out reports for up to 3200 Tweets. We recommend creating a monthly schedule (i.e., the first of every month) to review and analyze these reports and metrics to effectively measure growth and what needs to be changed.

Go ahead. Dive into your Twitter account and take a look today. Every business needs KPIs (key performance indicators) and, just like Facebook, the use of social media management tools can certainly help your business grow.

If you’re stumped, don’t sweat it—we can help.
Just send us an e-mail today:

How to make your visual marketing pay off

July 14, 2014, posted by Vartan

Visual Content Facebook
Let’s safely assume that your business is on social media, but how effectively does your content capture your audience’s attention?

According to, “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, which is processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.” WHOA! If your social content isn’t visual, you risk losing your following.

Here are a few creative ways you can add visual content to your social profiles to keep your fans excited and engaged:

1. Shareable and relatable photos
Don’t spend too much time hard selling your followers. Consumers can smell a desperate attempt for a sale and as soon as they do, they’ll jump ship. Instead, enrich your social media with visual content that’s relatable and still incorporates your business. A staff photo on a Friday afternoon or a Father’s Day graphic, for example, will do the job and may collect a few extra likes, too. See how we do it on our Facebook.

2. Infographics
Wishpond reports, “Businesses that market with infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who don’t.” If you have 1,000 fans on Facebook, that’s an additional 120 potential new customers, so grab some compelling stats and work with a grade-A designer to mock up some infographics. Here are some prime examples.

3. Shared links thumbnails
You’re most likely linking articles or other website pages to your social stream, but before posting, make sure the link’s thumbnail image is relevant to the post’s title and interesting.

The how-to: When you add a link into a Facebook post, a thumbnail image will auto populate. Using the arrows, you may have the option to choose between multiple. If none work, you can design and upload your own. Remember, Facebook’s specs for shared links thumbnails differ from Timeline pictures. Here’s the size guide.

…And there’s one more statistic we’d like to share with you: “Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without” (wishpond). So what are you waiting for?


Design Gone Wrong

June 18, 2014, posted by Vartan

Great design stands out because it’s transparent, leaves an impression on its audience, and portrays a message.

…And then there are these gems that portray a unique type of message: design gone terribly wrong (compliments of BuzzFeed). Enjoy!

1. This oxymoronic billboard that’s accompanied with grammar errors, too:



2. This not-so-accurate graph:



3. This EURROPEAN misspelling



4. This poor choice of font:



5. And (drumroll please), this bird with 2 mouths:


3 ways to keep people on your website

May 22, 2014, posted by Vartan

website traffic
Having a website puts you in the game, but enhancing the user experience keeps visitors on your site. The time potential customers spend on your website reflects how captivated they are by your content or product(s). For most content-driven websites, keeping traffic is just as vital as creating it.

To enhance the user experience, you’ll need captivating and fun content. Here are a few quick additions that can help:

1. Video content:
Statistics don’t lie: According to, “Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster than text, and videos increase conversions by 86%.” Use free web plugins to incorporate videos into your website’s content.

2. Internal links:
Strategic linking to quality content and subpages are great ways to keep (and direct) traffic, especially from your homepage. Feature those links on your website’s blog or news section to create a quick and direct connection.

3. New imagery/design:
Staying current and fresh can be accomplished by making tweaks and updates to your site’s design and look. The most noticeable place to do this will be on your homepage’s rotating slider—add a new image each month to keep visitors hungry for more.

Need help keeping your visitors’ attention? We have the answers. Contact us today.


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