Visibility unlocked: How small nonprofits can make a big splash

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Nonprofit marketing news from Counterintuity

Mission drift or mission-driven? 
Is everyone in your nonprofit speaking the same language when it comes to your mission? A clear and consistent mission isn’t just nice to have — it’s essential. Discover how consistent and clear communication can transform your impact. Read the article.

Ready to turbocharge your next capital campaign?
Learn how a small investment in a dedicated micro-website can elevate your campaign through increased visibility, donor engagement, and more. Read more here.

Short, sweet, and to the point: the secret sauce for content that captivates
Short-form videos are taking the digital world by storm, and here’s why: Our attention spans are shrinking, but our desire for engaging content is not. Discover how the psychology of videos under 60 seconds are reshaping marketing strategies. Read the article here.

Threads: The good vibes of early social media meet the future of brand engagement.
When Threads hit the scene in July 2023, many marketers and brands took a wait-and-see approach. Fast forward to now, and it’s clear: 70% of marketers are already weaving success stories on Threads, with another 21% ready to jump in.  Discover how five diverse brands are making their mark on Threads. Read all about it.

Big impact on small nonprofits
Your success hinges not just on what you do, but on how visible and connected you are. Discover strategies for leveraging online platforms like Candid for visibility, social media for engagement, and messages for personalization. More here.

Orchestrating Success: Lessons from a triumphant comeback
In this episode, Lee is joined by Paul Jan Zdunek. The two recount critical aspects of executing a successful organizational turnaround for the Pasadena Symphony and Pops. Zdunek’s strategic prowess and Counterintuity’s innovative marketing reinvigorated the Symphony’s brand and connection with the community. Tune in⁠ now.

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