Boost your cause with Google Grants and Google Ads: the how-to guide

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Nonprofit workforce shortage: What can be done?
Nearly three out of four nonprofits are grappling with job vacancies and the effect of these shortages is eroding the quality and reach of essential services. Salary constraints, burnout, and increased service demand form a vicious cycle that thwarts efforts to serve communities effectively. Read the article.

Here’s an idea:
Outsourcing offers nonprofits cost efficiency, access to specialized skills, and the flexibility to scale services according to demand.

Fine-tune your message for future giving
The Philanthropy Outlook report forecasts a promising increase in charitable giving. We see this as a crucial time for organizations to adapt and innovate. By embracing data-driven marketing approaches and optimizing communication strategies to align with the preferences, interests, and habits of potential and current donors, nonprofits can meet and surpass their fundraising objectives in what could be a truly optimistic giving climate. Read the forecast here.

Are you using Facebook the right way?
Facebook remains a powerhouse for connecting with supporters and amplifying your mission and message. However, with the platform’s ever-evolving landscape, it’s crucial to ask: Are you leveraging the platform to its full potential? Read the article here.

Beyond myths: the real drivers of email success
It’s time we put aside outdated myths and focus instead on the real drivers of success: engagement metrics and innovative subject line strategies. The path to the inbox — and recipients’ hearts — lies not in avoiding so-called “spammy” tactics, but in embracing elements like emojis, personalization, and urgency that genuinely resonate with recipients. Read all about it.

Breaking the barrier: use paid Google Ads to complement Google Grants
By combining Google Grants with paid Google Ads, you can unlock new levels of engagement and donations. This approach leverages the best of what free advertising offers through Google Grants and capitalizes on the broader capabilities and reach provided by paid Google Ads. The strategic integration of the two allows nonprofits to overcome the common limitations encountered with Google Grants alone, such as budget caps and keyword restrictions, offering a more flexible and impactful advertising solution. More here.

Start now for year-end fundraising success
In this episode, Lee Wochner shares invaluable insights and practical steps to ensure your campaign moves potential donors and thrives in a mobile-first world. From leveraging digital advertising and heartwarming video content to rigorous testing and optimization, this episode is packed with actionable advice to maximize your year-end fundraising. Listen to the latest episode of That’s What C! Said

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