Finding the right social media tools for your nonprofit

Digital communications are fast and ever-changing. Like, by the time we get to the end of this sentence Threads will probably have new functionality. With so much to keep track of in an ever-changing world, our goal with this bi-weekly email is to share some news you might’ve missed — news that we think is interesting and important — in a way you can quickly make sense of.

How to find the right social media management tools for nonprofits

Why this: If you’re running a nonprofit, it’s essential to connect via social, but you’ve got a lot on your plate. Sprout does a good job here of helping you make key early decisions.

Why so many brands use sound to make you buy stuff

Why this: This fun piece will have you thinking about creating your own ear worm. By the way, Counterintuity has its own jingle. Listen Now

Microsoft Teams is adding Maybelline’s AI-powered ‘makeup’ filters

Why this: Concerned about how you might look on a video call? Here’s how Maybelline is helping you, using AI. We offer this as a reminder that AI can make your weirdo ideas work.

Google’s On Domain Name Selection: Branding Over Keywords

Read this: If you think keywording is everything in SEO, we’re here to remind you how quickly and dramatically things change. “Focus on long-term branding rather than keyword-centric domain names,” Google says. And we know that branding is more important anyway.

WordPress 6.3 Will Improve LCP SEO Performance

Speaking of SEO… WordPress 6.3 will help websites attain better Core Web Vitals SEO scores, particularly with the previously draggy Largest Contentful Paint. Page speed is important for user experience and better results. WP 6.3 debuts this month, so Counterintuity clients on our maintenance program will start to see improvements next month.

San Jose City Workers Warned: ChatGPT Chats May Land on Newspaper

Alert to City Managers and employees! ChatGPT chats might just wind up in your local newspaper! (If you still have one.)

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