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Surface computing

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Here’s a great preview of Surface computing, forthcoming this year from Microsoft (and with a tip of the hat to the holographic computer screen predicted — and pre-depicted — in the film Minority Report). It also reminds me of two other things: the iPhone (coming soon to a belt like mine), and the tabletop Ms. Pac-Man I used to play at the Black Cat Inn.

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How to shrink your prospect list

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Last week I saw a former colleague I hadn’t seen in a couple years. She’s now with a new company. The next day I emailed her to follow up. Since then, she’s gotten our Counterintelligence newsletter. So that’s one personal contact, and one (monthly) semi-automated contact from us.

From her end, I got a robot contact (an email) the first day.

Then another the second day.

Then another the third day.

Then another the fourth day.

Then another the fifth day.

Then another the sixth day.

Then I said to our marketing whiz Amy, “Wow, I hate getting all these.”

Then the next day I got two.

Then I unsubscribed.

We all know what SPAM is. I think we need another term, for Colleagues who spam you like this. I’m calling it “CRAM.”

True friends and colleagues don’t CRAM each other.

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Lights, camera… then what?

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“Action.” That’s what comes next.

It’s always good to remember that when it comes to your marketing, what you want is for people to take action. You want them to do at least one of these things:

  • buy something
  • sign up for your email newsletter
  • contact you
  • download a white paper or other resource
  • watch a video or read your blog

The first key to making your site action-oriented is figuring out who you want to go to that site, and what you want them to do. And then designing the site to spur that action.

What action is this site supposed to spur? I have no idea.

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Shift happens

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The future isn’t just coming fast — it’s already here, as this vid shows.

Where is your business going next? Everybody is going somewhere (or they’re going nowhere).

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What’s your line?

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All the time, we’re helping clients figure out what their line is: what they do, and how they talk about it.

So when the opportunity came up to sponsor “What’s My Line? — Live On Stage,” of course we jumped at it.

The show, which is based on the classic TV game show and which is loads of fun, runs Sundays at 8 PM at the Acme Comedy Theatre in Hollywood. Come join us!

Click here for more info about the show. And let us know if we’ll see you there.