15 minutes of adventure

One thing I look forward to is the annual staff retreat. As a staff, we set a day to discuss the inner workings of Counterintuity. We put ourselves through the same strategy facilitation we offer to our clients, and examine how we can work better together, smarter (not harder) and ultimately—how we can better serve our clients.

As a whole, one of our goals coming out of this retreat is setting aside time for personal-Counterintuity growth. There are so many times where I come home, or in my off time on the weekends, where I think to myself, “If only I had time to FILL IN THE BLANK.”

My FILL IN THE BLANK’s tend to be:

  • Read more about marketing
  • Learn more about the various software we have here at work
  • These can go on forever

Well, starting yesterday, we’re starting to turn that, “If only” into “Today, I’m taking the time to…” and really setting aside 15 minutes for personal-Counterintuity growth. I’m excited for the growth that will benefit me personally, but also for the corporate growth that will occur spontaneously from achieving our 15 minutes of Adventure.

PS. I am open to suggestions for a good business/marketing related book read for my 15 minutes of Adventure.

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