Not nuts about Levi

I’ve just consumed my last pistachio.  Although they’ve been my favorite nut forever (notwithstanding a few of my family members), I just about upchucked when I saw Levi Johnston’s new ad for “Wonderful Pistachios.”

I’m not sure what’s so wonderful about the infamous teenage father of Sarah Palin’s grandchild proclaiming to the world he now “Does It With Protection”–a not so subtle nod to the consequences of unprotected sex.  At least when Paris Hilton shot her Carl’s Jr. “sex tape,” she was of age.

Late night refrigerator raids will never be the same without pistachio ice cream.  But I’ll never be able to eat pistachios and get the picture of Levi using protection–the real kind–out of my head.

I’m no fan of Sarah Palin, but I can only hope that this tasteless Babydaddy and his entourage get slammed for huge amounts of child support for this tasteless-and frankly, positively nutty–ad.

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