4 reasons to hire a Los Angeles SEO company

4 Reasons to Hire a Los Angeles SEO Company

Get discovered with Los Angeles SEO

Want to get your Los Angeles-based nonprofit discovered online?

If you’re already incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your digital marketing strategy, well done! You’re on the right track. Properly executed SEO helps you reach new customers, expand your operation, and ultimately increase revenue by doing one simple thing: earning your website a higher search ranking. To understand how important that is, let’s consider search engines’ integral role in the consumer-to-content journey.

More than 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine. On Google, the first organic search result gets 32.5% of the traffic share. Now guess just how much search traffic ventures past the first page of Google results. Go ahead.

Okay, we’ll tell you:

Five percent.

Seriously. That means the first page of Google snags 95% of all search traffic. The phenomenon is so remarkable the Huffington Post actually made it a meme:

So, unless you are trying to hide a dead body (which is a how-to article for another time), you’ll want to score a spot on that coveted first page. Your first step? Hiring a Los Angeles SEO company.

Los Angeles SEO

When evaluating your SEO needs, it can be tempting to turn to a national firm – but if you’re a small nonprofit or have a single physical location, hiring a nearby agency is the right move. A local company understands the demographics, purchasing habits and trends specific to your area – not to mention, it’s close by in case of emergency.

  • Target market. A local company inherently understands the needs of your target demographic. If you are based in Southern California and you enlist the services of a Los Angeles SEO company, you can be sure its employees will know how to engage their fellow community members.
  • Local SEO. Four in five consumers use search engines to find local information. Local SEO helps nonprofits promote their services to these local prospects. Some ways to optimize local SEO include setting up a Google My Business page, improving internal linking structure, and optimizing blogs with title tags and headers – all of which improve your online visibility.
  • Insider information. Featuring community news or gearing content toward a city-specific audience is a great way to show search engines the local significance of your organization. In fact, custom local content can potentially increase your traffic by up to 300%. A local company will naturally know what’s happening in your area because it’s their area, too, which will make creating local content easier.
  • Focused service. The staff at a smaller local company can provide a unique level of personalized service because they have fewer clients and time constraints. Chances are, they’ve got more to prove and will work harder to get you a prime piece of that search ranking action.
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