Speed Up into the Curve: Bad Driving, Good Strategy

Speed Into the Curb

We say “Speed up into the curve,” you hear “Bad idea.” Right?


It’s a reckless driving maneuver, sure — but a clever concept. Speeding up into the (metaphorical) curve means recognizing opportunity and reacting quickly, embracing change and making progress, looking to the future and meeting it with momentum.

In the latest edition of the ProfServ Traction podcast, our CEO Lee Wochner discusses how he’s employed this strategy to launch successful marketing campaigns, craft eye-catching messaging, and grow an award-winning marketing agency.

Catch the highlights – and click the timestamp to hear the quotes for yourself.[dt_vc_list]

  • 07:35 | “Our goal is not the sale. Our goal is client improvement.”
    Making a positive impact on the world and helping our clients do the same is at the core of what we do.
  • 10:34 | “Even before we found EOS, we were values focused.”
    Our core values guide us as we refine our positioning to work with nonprofits, public agencies and social good.
  • 19:36 | “You can make more money; you’ll never get more time.”
    Time is an irreplaceable resource. Investing in a solid strategy (and effectuating that strategy with marketing) can ensure you don’t waste it.
  • 40:55 | “Entrepreneurs know you speed up into the curve because you come out faster.”
    Implementing a strategy for the immediate and longer-term future grants you the confidence to pursue your goals at full speed. When we say marketing for now, this is what we mean.

In ProfServ Traction, Certified EOS Implementer Steve Preda interviews professional services and technology businesses about how they break through the ceiling with and without the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Check out all 35 episodes on the ProfServ Traction website!

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